Radio: Inspired Sound w/ Busty and the Bass

Welcome back to the Inspired Sound show, hosted by, Kofi Yeboah. For this show, we’ll be showing recent releases from some brilliantly talented independent artists from the UK. Listen out for music from, Eerf Evil, Intalekt, TINYMAN, Kofi Stone, Wesley Joseph, and Cody Currie, plus much more!

Listen back the show below.

Jneiro Jarel – Sunwalkers Pt2, 3 (Ft Bill Summers)
Dreams – (Eerf Evil, Srigala, Kofi Stone)
Natural Force – Buscrates 16 Bit Ensemble
Feel It – Ayeisha Raquel, TINYMAN, R-Kay, Intalekt
Greentea peng – Silly
Closer To You – Ruti
2 – Mom Tudie and Byulah
Crave Love – Cecline and the Blue
Jeen Bassa – Discotheque
Be Free – Emmaculate Shannon Chambers Extended Mix)
Pyjean – Gold Plated (ft Odette Peters)
Spiralling Prism – Herbie Hancock
The Witching Hour – Psychic Mirrors
Radiant Children – Rare
Wesley Joseph – Ghostin
Moesh – Lex Amor, DIPS, Lo-Wu
Cody Currie – When The time Is Right
Busty and the Bass – Out So Far

New Music: UK Hip Hop Duo, Billy Dukes Team Up With Fellow Lyricist, TINYMAN, Lex Amor and Seinna


Geefree and Intalekt came together to form Billy Dukes last year with their debut EP, which was stunning from start to finish. Their clever storytelling ability and production throughout the album was impressive, and to watch them stir and interact the crowd during their album launch party was particularly special.

Teaming up with two artists I am more than excited to watch grow within the UK hip hop scene – Lex Amor and TINYMAN, they have released ‘99 miles’. Stripped down and smooth, the production leaves no hiding place for a lyricist. TINYMAN’s quick, tenacious flow delves into pockets which seem hard to hear are possible. Whilst the transition to Lex’s spoken word, more delicate tone presents a wonderful change in style. UK rapper, Seinna seems to glide through the track with ease, effortlessly countering each word with amazing clarity.

Have a listen to their latest track: