On The Corner Records Present Their Newly Formed ‘Double Drop’ Series

Revered label On The Corner records reveal the first instalment of their newly forged ‘Double Drop’ series, pairing together two EP’s from two different members of the OTC family, delivering a cosmically twinned, action packed slab
of wax.

The A-Side see’s Copenhagen based producer Uffe turn in his new ‘Not All The Stars’ EP. Having enjoyed a successful career with releases on the likes of Tartelet Records, Uffe found himself taking things back to basics whilst creating this latest EP, and putting a lifetime experience of weird and wonderful sound hunting to good use. He channels classic rocksteady roots samples, oscillating synths, intergalactic textures, sky-staring vocals, bedroom recorded ambiences and marching dance floor ready rhythm sections into one basement-rattling sensory experience.

Uffe – Danish Producer and DJ

On the flipside, Petwo Evans present their rugged ‘Bootstrap’ EP, a moody venture through leftfield club sounds. Comprised of drummer / percussionist / producer Rich Thair and experimental DJ Jake Williams (Who have released
on their own label Petrax, Huntleys & Palmers and Belters, and tracks for On the Corner and Touched Music and worked on numerous projects as part of Red Snapper and Toob, releasing on Warp, Process and Lo Recordings. Petwo Evans is the experience of listening to contemporary global club culture whilst looking out over the Welsh landscape. Much of their work to-date has been made during live sessions on a remote farm utilising rhythms using found objects (tumble dryer, a plastic tub, a broken piano and some pieces of metal) which are then looped, processed and mixed with electronic machines to create music that reflects the scenery: age-old continental drifts, abandoned industrial quarries, and the Blade Runner-esque thrill of driving through Port Talbot at night.

Order Uffe’s EP ‘Not All The Stars’ Here

Order Petwo Evans’ EP ‘Boostrap’ Here

Blue Hour and Philippa Pacho Start New Label, Positivesource

New Berlin-based label positivesource debuts on June 11th with src001, a compilation EP featuring Oprofessionell, Newa, Sugar and Alan Backdrop.

Founded by Philippa Pacho and Luke Standing, who produces under the alias Blue Hour and runs a label by the same name, the platform will focus on progressive dance music and early club culture.

Its confirmed roster of artists include Rove Ranger, Lady Starlight, Blue Hour himself, LDS and Alpha Tracks, among others. Each release will be accompanied by artwork by contemporary visual artists such as Aaron Elvis Jupin, who designed the forthcoming compilation’s cover.

“Our visual concept is to bridge a connection between figurative imagery and the iconic ‘smiley,’ which has been widely adopted by rave culture,” the cofounders explained in a statement.

Listen to a preview of src001.


01. Oprofessionell – SXTOOL

02. Newa – Maniac

03. Sugar – Make Them Forget

04. Alan Backdrop – Liaq

Playlist Update: Electronic Dance Music #3

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We’ve updated our new Electronic Dance music playlist, which is a blend of our favourite and recent music from deep house, techno, future beats, garage, as well as, more. We have new music coming from deep house, and techno producer COMPUTER DATA, DJ Kush Boogie, Little Dragon, Dark Comedy, and Larry Heard to name a few

Check out the playlist below, and let us know what you think:


First Thoughts: Waajeed – Ten Toes Down EP


Detroit legendary music producer, Waajeed, has returned this summer with his Ten Toes Down EP, having finished last year with his heavy 10-track album, ‘From the Dirt’ through his very own label, Dirt Teck Reck. With a career spanning over 20 years, Waajeed’s production knowledge and ability has seen him take on a range of styles. From his early work with J Dilla in 2002, where the pair released a number of Hip-Hop sampled based projects through their Bling47 record label, to the stage he is at now, releasing more soulful house and techno tracks.

Working closely with American Soulstress, Blue Raspberry under her alias Candi Lindsay for two of the three tracks in the EP, Waajeed seamlessly blends her strong powerful vocals throughout his house stylised production. The first track ‘Heavy‘, has Candi Lindsay vocals at the forefront before the opening drop, as she scatters and inflates her vocals to create a momentous drop in the first couple minutes into the track. The smooth layering of synth sounds develop nicely over Candi Lindsay vocals coming back and forth in the pockets.

‘Deeper into Blue’ has a soothing beautiful progression feel throughout the track from the Candi Lindsay spoken word at the beginning to the development of the backing chords, bassline which gradually elevates the track. Waajeed’s closing track, ‘Too Black’ has this soothing dark undertone from layered drums over the kicks which you can imagine would move any dancefloor.

You can buy the the EP via bandcamp below:

LIVE: Keeping Up Appearances: Leftfoot x Shadow City

There’s definitely a sense of intrigue and excitement, when Shadow City and Leftfoot collaborate together for an evening of music. The two Birmingham brands strive to showcase live musicians and DJs with a diverse taste for music, to Birmingham‘s growing underground music scene. Those familiar with Shadow City, will have noticed their elevation and dedication to growing the foundations they laid back in 2011, when they first started. They recently introduced the very talented live electronic musician ‘Ross From Friends’, who’s been enjoying a recent rise in to the electronic music scene. Moreover, last summer saw Shadow City host a stage at one of the nation’s more recognisable small boutique festival; Farr Festival, bringing in the likes of ‘Chaos in the CBD’ and ‘Booka shade’ to name a few.
Meanwhile, Leftfoot have pioneered and paved the way for more leftfield and soulful nights in Birmingham, ever since their inception back in 2000. They’re a brand which have always aimed to bring in particularly talented and special artists; welcoming musicians such as, Roy Ayers, Mount Kimbie, Pimp Sessions, Jazzie B and Mr Scruff to name a few. Leftfoot and Shadow City collaborations in the past, have showcased DJs with more of an experimental and varied music selection, which, in many ways has challenged Birmingham’s quite established tech-house scene. So, to hear Shadow city and Leftfoot were collaborating again, we were keen to see what DJs like; Gilles Peterson, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Palms Trax and Quantic, had to offer.

Across Birmingham’s highly acclaimed nightclub; Rainbow venues, were three rooms of music, with each room expressing a significant feature as the last. Rainbow’s rooftop terrace offers a skyline view of Birmingham’s city center, something which any nightclub would be dying to have. The slightly quieter music and sitting area present a slower, less hectic feel to the nightclub. Although, the impressive crowd drawn throughout the evening, was more than to down the quality of talented local Birmingham DJs. The terrace was predominately held down by one of Birmingham’s younger independent parties, born out of a desire to showcase more live, soulful music. They too, have developed a great relationship with Leftfoot, given their similar passions, and as a result opened their doors to some fantastic electronic producers such as; Harvey Sutherland, Max Graef, Chaos in the CBD, Athlete Whippet and Henry Wu. Moodfix  resident; Tilly, eased listeners perfectly in to the night, amongst Birmingham’s skyline back drop. Moodfix head honcho; Jack Barber and fellow resident Lewis Ryan, did very well to draw in an edger crowd in the middle of evening, amongst the big names in the Warehouse and Blackbox. One song which naturally had everyone singing towards the end of the night was Midland’s anthem ‘Final Credits’, a highlight of 2016.


This photo is courtesy of Leftfood LTD

However, in spite the beautiful setting and talented local DJs on the terrace – downstairs, was the focal point of interest. Rainbows famous intimate space; Blackbox, characterised by its low ceilings and immersive feel, played host to Worldwide FM and Brownswood founder; Gilles Peterson. Gilles’ cultured the crowd with a selection of scincilating records, influenced from around the globe. Warming the crowd with some feel-good funk n soul beats had everyone enticed, as Gilles’ introduction signalled the first big headliner on the bill for the night. As his set went on, Gilles’ truly then began to showcase his range, bringing in some African influenced techno characterised by the consistent low and high pitch congo drums, whilst also blending jungle and dubstep. His range kept listeners entertained and didn’t disperse anyone’s interest, a sign of a great selector.


This photo is courtesy of Leftfoot LTD

Following on from Gilles’ eclectic taste, is a toll order for any DJ, but Motor City Drum Ensemble (MCDE), perfectly settled and soothed the crowd in the Blackbox, following on from Gilles. MCDE’s raw cuts album back in 2010, showcased what he was all about, bridging the gap between house music, with soul and jazz, and his set, really reflected those vibes. His set rarely faded from interest, consistently swinging back and forth between heavily instrumentally sampled house tracks, with some jazz and soul influence, which he often used to settle the crowd, from the more intense classic house tracks, and the occasional drumcode techno. Techno rarely fails to disappoint. The small blend of techno stirred the crowd to a frenzy at times, as it wasn’t expected. I cast my mind back to an interview with Motor City saying he flicking back to some techno generally goes down well.

Closing the evening, can sometimes be a difficult task for a DJ, as the crowd never really want the night to end. Screams of ‘one more tune’, are a common theme of most raves towards the end of night, and so it was the task of Palms Trax and Quantic, to leave a lasting memory for the Birmingham crowd. Quantic is a phenomenally talented musician with an extensive ability to play many instruments. Palms Trax’s, eclectic taste for worldly sounds from Latin America, and Africa, with the added attention to experimental electronic music, has made him a point of interest within the industry. With two DJs clashing in both rooms, it was Palms trax who seemed to draw the greater  crowd. Palms trax’s delicate, smooth transitions of melodic, banging techno, for the first half hour of his set, eased the keen ravers into his set. His smoothness hooked the crowd tremendously for the first half of hour, until eventually dropping Henrik Schwarz remix of ‘Kuar’, which sensationally brought the party back life. It’s catchy, rhythmic Portuguese lyrics resonating throughout song, along to a jumpy hard bassline , are hard not to enjoy. The introduction of Kuar, certainly reminded the room that the party wasn’t over!

What’s impressive about the DJs mentioned, is their cultured taste, and curiosity to bring an eclectic blend of inspiring music to their sets. Palms and Gilles in particular, have shown their broad music knowledge from previous sets, and we can always count on them to continue.