Elisa Delves Into Her Inner World For New Single, ‘Water’

Elisa Imperilee releases ‘Water’ produced by long-time collaborator SRIGALA and
accompanied by the singer’s first visual directed by ALMASS BADAT.

‘Water’ is a haunting tale of empowerment following Elisa’s journey through isolation
and fear as she faces her feelings. This is Elisa’s first self released track which follows her first release with MC Manik.

Speaking about the track, Elisa mentions: “People always told me that time was a healer. But sometimes time isn’t enough and the difficult truth is that you have to put in work to heal yourself.When I wrote this song I was in a dark place yet somehow this felt more comfortable than the prospect of facing the feelings I had been avoiding for a long time. I was becoming
aware of the trap I was in and this song chronicles my coming to terms with the fact I had
to dive into those difficult emotions to get out of it.”

Listen to ‘Water’ below.

Xavier Omar – If You Feel

Xavier Omar has had an interesting trajectory. Starting his career in 2012 under the moniker SPZRKT, (abbreviation for Spazzy Rocket) he released a steady stream of EP’s produced by his musical match, Sango. His rise in popularity and recognition has been nothing short of gradual. After four EP’s and penning an open letter in which he divorced his old stage name, Omar released his first ever album and music video for Just Get Here ft. VanJess and Wale last autumn. A unique approach to protecting his mystique, which for the most part has worked in his favour.

Xavier Omar returns again not long after the release of his debut with if You Feel. Omar’s secondary effort, released almost a year to the day of Moments Spent Loving You is a perfectly sequenced, 11 track body of work. This go around, we get to hear Omar collaborate with the likes of Mereba (Like I Feel), Masego (SURF) and new comer Jae Stephens for the laid back summertime track All Our Time.

Getting more personal on this album, the singer-songwriter lets listeners in on his new marriage, expressing his devotion to his wife on tracks like Protect and in particular So Much More; a stand out, 90s nostalgia slow jam.

In true Omar style, each song is laced with warm and intricate harmonies. Pushing the limits, we see Omar sample the Dru Hill smash ‘Tell Me’ for the 5th track on the album, ‘want/need’ where he flits between rapping and singing effortlessly.

‘If You Feel’ is a great continuation to Xavier Oamr’s journey; a piece of art where the underground RnB artist meets the mainstream without losing substance. A perfect balance. 

Check out the full album below, and let us know what you think:

Talented Songwriter Harry Jay-Steele Shares New Single ‘Not Quite Like This’

East London based songwriter, guitarist and producer Harry Jay-Steele shares ‘Not Quite Like This’ – another cut from his upcoming debut album, ‘Boundaries’ due for release on 4th December via eclectic audiophile label Naim Records.

Recorded with Jordan Rakei’s co-producer and drummer Jim Macrae, the song is heavily influenced Afrobeats and tackles personal experiences close to the artist. “It’s a song in defiance against being labelled and judges but also about the fluidity of self. A message amplified by the shifting effect of the artist’s auto-tuned vocals.”

Explaining the production work behind the track, “I used auto-tune on this track partly because it’s Afrobeats influence but also due to the chameleon-like tonal affect it has one my voice. I felt its shifting nature sat well with lyrical message.”

Check out the single below, and let us know what you think:

Grammy-Nominated Electronic Music Prodigy “Ford.” Shares “In My Eyes”

Grammy-nominated electronic music prodigy ford. today shares “In My Eyes”, the fourth and final single from his highly anticipated sophomore album The Color of Nothing — out October 16, via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

“In My Eyes” is another sonically expansive track from the hotly tipped artist, blending minimal synth waves with a midtempo beat and acoustic-electronic sounds. The track features vocals from Canadian streaming sensation and close friend VERZACHE, who is one of the hottest rising names and was due to go on tour with mxmtoon this year before COVID-19 hit. 

Speaking on the track, ford. shared I began writing this track back in February of 2019. A year later, I finally had a flushed-out demo. Quarantine had gone into full effect and one of the things keeping me grounded was Facetiming my friends. I would check in with Zach (Verzache) and we would have these long conversations about mental health, missing touring, and how quarantine was affecting our writing processes, etc. I remember sending him this demo on one of our calls and he sent back a full finished verse the next day. The lyrics and melodies channelled a lot of the themes we had been talking about and it immediately resonated with me. Immensely grateful for dudes like Zach and every opportunity I get to make music with close friends; nothing quite like it.”

Check out the music video for the ‘In My Eyes’ below, and let us know what you think:

New Zealand Producer, Sola Rosa Announces New Album Release Date. Featuring The Likes Of Eva Lazarus and Jerome Thomas

New Zealand producer Andrew Spraggon, crafting under the name, Sola Rosa, returns with a new album ‘Chasing The Sun’, due for release on 25th September via his Way Up Recordings label through Kartel Music Group.

Five years in the making, and honed to perfection, the project was written and recorded between Auckland, London and Sydney and includes a heavy hitting line-up of featuring artists, such as regular collaborator and former The Streets singer

long term collaborator Sharlene Hector and genre-defying, rising UK soul and reggae star Kiko Bun. Sola Rosa is known for championing new artists, for his new album he involved some of the best rising new stars across the globe, from London-based singer/songwriter Josh Barry and eclectic Neo-Soul singer Jerome Thomas, British reggae and dub MC vocalist Eva Lazarus and breaking Australian artist Thandi Phoenix. Closer to home, ex-pat Kiwi vocalist Wallace and Aotearoa’s own musical maverick, Troy Kingi add their talents to the mix.

Talking about the collaborative nature of the project Sola Rosa explains, “the early days Sola Rosa was a selfish studio project, but after the first few releases, I realised my limitations as a player and writer, and started to collaborate with other musicians. Through this process I realised how much collaboration contributes to each release. Each player brings their own life experience, style and skillset which creates music that is far greater than the sum of its parts.”

Have a listen to his single, ‘Shine On’, featuring the Thandi Phoenix. Let us know what you think:

Oscar Jerome – Breathe Deep

Oscar Jerome’s dynamism as an artist, and instrumentalist has been exciting to see in the last year. From catching my attention with the stunning single ‘Do You Really’, to his debut album, ‘Breathe Deep’ feels like a culmination of his noteworthy EPs and singles. Oscar began the year strongly with what appeared like a short three-track EP, titled ‘ Your Saint’ ,but instead, all three tracks would later feature in his debut album. The energy infused with the long winded, enduring single, ‘Gravitate’ is one my stand out tracks in the album. The broken drum pattern, and slow burning congo drums, accompanied by the steely resonating guitar sits beautifully with Oscar’s vocals, and gentle backing vocals.

Oscar Jerome oozes with emotion for the track, ‘Give Back What U Stole From Me’. Beginning with a momentous introduction with the drummer making full use of every drum piece from the cymbals, hi-hats, and kicks. The drums create a captivating start for Oscar Jerome to take on different style with his vocals than I’ve heard before. Seemingly taking some inspiration from The Kooks’ lead singer, the track still feels very much like his own, with his vocals developing more passion as the it goes on.

‘Timeless’ sees Oscar Jerome team up with the amazing Lianne La Havas. Beautifully dreamy and moving, hearing their vocals harmonize with each other throughout is really special to hear, as the stripped back production allows their vocals to take center stage with each instrument gradually accompanying their vocals as the track unfolds. London based spoken word artist, Brother Portrait joins Oscar Jerome in an unlikely link up for the track, ‘Your Saint’. Brother Portrait uses vivid imagery and metaphors to provide an excellent interlude in between Oscar’s first and second verse. It’s great to hear Oscar experiment with different styles with his vocals and overall composition for his debut album. He is an impressive songwriter and guitarist, and should be someone you look out for!

You can listen to ‘Breathe Deep’ below. Please let us know what you think:

UK Pianist Jake Milliner Teams Up With US Keyboardist Howard McNair For New Release

Last November marked Jake Milliner’s introduction to the world with his debut album “Bernie Says”. Working with the likes of Alfa Mist, Joe Armon-Jones and Bubblerap, with stand out releases such as ‘Reminisce‘, and Subject Seven. Jake entered 2020 with the deeply moving sentimental single, “Morning Matters” with UK singer, Yazmin Lacey leading the vocals.

Now, for his latest single, “Freddie’s Winning Hand” he has teamed up once again with US jazz keyboarder Howard McNair. The pair take you on a splendid wistful journey with a traditional boom bap drum pattern, the pair show off their skills behind the keyboard

Have a listen to the single below, and let us know what you think

Tom Misch – What Kinda Music


One of the UKs most exciting drummers in Yussef Dayes has collaborated with the forward-thinking multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tom Misch, to release the pulsating new album ‘What Kinda Music’. The opening single, ‘What Kinda music’ is a slow burning beginning to an album which Yussef on the drums nicely sets the tone to, whilst Misch creates an eerie mood with the heavily reverb bassline which lines up perfectly behind his vocals.

The experimental dynamic throughout the track with his vocals and guitar is a direction in which Misch didn’t do much of, for his previous album, ‘Geography’, where he seemed to be trying to make more classically structured music and arrangement. Titling the track, ‘What Kinda Music’ adds to the experimental, instinctual natural relationship between Yussef Dayes and Tom Misch for the track, and the synergy between the two is continued throughout.


Stand out single, ‘Nightrider’ has a wonderfully relaxing tempo which is difficult to skip past as it seamlessly blends from the previous track. American Hip Hop artist, Freddie Gibbs blesses the track with a bumping up-tempo freestyle, casually ebbing and flowing around snares. 

Lift Off’ has an amazing momentous build started with the smooth leading bassline permeating throughout the track, the combination of the lead bass and drums took me back to moments during Mansur Brown’s previous album ‘Shiroi’. Similar to how Mansur Brown would let his bold imposing guitar provide the unwavering presence for his standout track, ‘Mashita’, Misch turned the focus to allow space and time to show off his guitar string play. The Following track, ‘I Did it For You’ sees Misch and Dayes coming together for a funk fuelled groove which slowly encapsulates Tom Misch’s ethereal, echoing vocals resonating around Yussef Dayes’ drums as the track develops. 

Coming towards the end of the album, the stunning stand out track, ‘Last 100’ elevates the wistful, dreamy mood created from the previous track, ‘I Did It For You’. The piano chords brighten the spirit, all the while, Misch’s raspy soft vocal line glides with the quick guitar finger play throughout. 

Misch’s seems to create a nostalgic mood towards the end of the album for the last two tracks; ‘John Mangos’ and ‘Storm Before The Calm’. With the latter, featuring a memorable conversation around from his manager about the album as well as, whilst ‘Storm Before The Calm’ invites Kaidi Akinnibi on the saxophone which provides settling tone and switch from illustrious build from the drums and guitar. 

Tom Misch’s fearless change in direction from ‘Geography’ is a bold move which will entice new listeners to work and strengthen his already loyal fanbase. Known to have spent some time producing beats on Ableton by himself, linking up with Yussef Dayes on the drums seemed to allow him to put those ideas into a live album which he was not able to do in previous albums, and i think it’s definitely paid off. The album is terrific from start to finish

You can listen to the spotify stream here:

What the video for Kyiv here:

New Music: Kinkai Teams Up With Fellow Manchester Hip Hop Duo,Children of Zeus


Two of Manchester’s finest team up to deliver the smoothest of head-nodders. The final
single before full length project A Pennies Worth, KinKai links with Children of Zeus for

Speaking on his new offering, Kinkai describes; “I like to take scenics wherever I go
(especially when I’m driving). The weather has been getting warmer and everyone’s
stuck inside. But I had this rather dangerous vision of speeding through a forest in
a convertible, Henny in my hand a pretty girl driving. I told Zeus my vision and we
pretty much brought it to life. At times we overthink what fun is and sometimes it’s

Have a listen to the single below, and let us know what you think:

Q&A: Have You Met.. Deyah

DEYAH - 44

Photo credit: Will Beech

Berkshire based lyricist, Deyah is slowly starting to make a name for herself. A dynamic lyricist opposing a blend of rousing narration behind lethargic, lo-fi beats, she excavates her deepest insecurities, probing and scrutinising the essence of her innermost vulnerabilities. Her honest lyrics and intriguing video style for her single ‘Venthouse Suite’ caught our attention and, so we asked her to join our Q&A series:

Where are you from? Describe the kind of creative culture within the city you were raised in?

I was born in wales in the capital city of Cardiff.. the creative culture there was unique and still is but it didn’t really accommodate the RnB & Hip Hop movement, so i struggled at times to find my feet within the culture.

What made you get into music, who were the people who influenced you?

My pops played music constantly and consistently in the yard when i was growing up. It was like a 24hr / 7 day a week event. I loved the sounds, rhythms, word play, lyricism and the way the melodies made me feel.

Are there any producers/artists you work with really well with, what makes your relationship work?

Kenneth English is one of my favourite producers. We haven’t actually met but every beat he makes is actually mad and i connect with each one.

What were early experiences in music, did you start with playing instruments or express yourself through spoken word and singing?

I played the guitar, the Cajon drum and the piano from early whilst writing and performing spoken word. I didn’t start singing until a couple years ago.


Photo credit: Will Beech

Are you signed to a label, if so what’s your relationship, if not, has that been out of choice?

I’m not signed to a label and that’s for sure out of choice. I don’t see myself wanting to be signed either. I appreciate the freedom.

Have have you changed your approach from your previous album, ‘Lover Loner EP’, to your recent album, ‘Care City’ EP ?

Lover/Loner was an experimental project for me.. it was a kind of trial and error situation. Care City seemed to come together with ease and my approach was totally different.. I created the project without fear and created what i wanted not what was expected of me.

Your single titled ‘Venthouse Suite’ has a really cool video. Why did you choose that particular style?

Thank you. I wanted something simplistic but still wanted the visuals to stand out. I wanted to explore different videography methods and hope to continue on that path.

Finally, can you share any more details on the album in terms of possible features?

This project is just me ft me. I decided not to have any features on this as the subject matter was very personal and i didn’t feel it needed another perspective. However, my next project will be a collaboration EP.

Be sure to have a look for Deyah’s EP titled, Care City on all digital platforms, Check the videos to Deyah’s single, Okoposire:

You can listen to the full EP here: