Kamaal Williams Release The Live Version of ‘Hold On’ Taken From Their Forthcoming Album

Photo Credit: Glauco Canalis

Filmed on a hazy June summer’s day at Hassan Hajjaj’s shop, Larache, in the heart of London’s east end, Kamaal Williams gives new single ‘Hold On’ his midas live touch, complete with the spiritual reckonings of multi-instrumentalist Shabaka Hutchings, R&B soulstress Lauren Faith and Alina Bzhezhinska, arguably one of the greatest harpists in the country. 

When pressed for insight into the album’s overarching themes, Kamaal mentions: “This is a revolution of the mind. A spiritual rebellion: To reach new heights requires separating ourselves from the material world and finding power in what’s intangible. That’s what music and art is for – whether it’s a primitive emotion or something deep, you feel it. And there’s a subliminal element that resonates throughout my work. If you’re painting, it’s what you’re feeling as you’re painting. And the person looking at that artwork or listening to that music, they can feel it too, because it’s sincere.”

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Check out the live session of ‘Hold On’ below, and let us know what you think: