Oscar Jerome – Breathe Deep

Oscar Jerome’s dynamism as an artist, and instrumentalist has been exciting to see in the last year. From catching my attention with the stunning single ‘Do You Really’, to his debut album, ‘Breathe Deep’ feels like a culmination of his noteworthy EPs and singles. Oscar began the year strongly with what appeared like a short three-track EP, titled ‘ Your Saint’ ,but instead, all three tracks would later feature in his debut album. The energy infused with the long winded, enduring single, ‘Gravitate’ is one my stand out tracks in the album. The broken drum pattern, and slow burning congo drums, accompanied by the steely resonating guitar sits beautifully with Oscar’s vocals, and gentle backing vocals.

Oscar Jerome oozes with emotion for the track, ‘Give Back What U Stole From Me’. Beginning with a momentous introduction with the drummer making full use of every drum piece from the cymbals, hi-hats, and kicks. The drums create a captivating start for Oscar Jerome to take on different style with his vocals than I’ve heard before. Seemingly taking some inspiration from The Kooks’ lead singer, the track still feels very much like his own, with his vocals developing more passion as the it goes on.

‘Timeless’ sees Oscar Jerome team up with the amazing Lianne La Havas. Beautifully dreamy and moving, hearing their vocals harmonize with each other throughout is really special to hear, as the stripped back production allows their vocals to take center stage with each instrument gradually accompanying their vocals as the track unfolds. London based spoken word artist, Brother Portrait joins Oscar Jerome in an unlikely link up for the track, ‘Your Saint’. Brother Portrait uses vivid imagery and metaphors to provide an excellent interlude in between Oscar’s first and second verse. It’s great to hear Oscar experiment with different styles with his vocals and overall composition for his debut album. He is an impressive songwriter and guitarist, and should be someone you look out for!

You can listen to ‘Breathe Deep’ below. Please let us know what you think:

Dynamic Artist, Olivier St Louis Returns to First Word Records With the Captivating New Single, ‘Confliction’

Following on from the upbeat single ’Runnin’ Wild’, Olivier St.Louis returns to First Word with a brand new track – ‘Confliction’ featuring fellow DC alumni, Oddisee. Olivier was born in Washington DC of Haitian and Cameroon heritage, but spent his teens studying in the UK. Oddisee offers a brilliant display of lyrical prowess, from his delivery to clarity, he teams up with Olivier excellently. Oddisee abrasive, captivating voice immediately grabs your attention, leaving Olivier’s soothing vocals to provide a soft touch the single.

Olivier says of the track “my identity was forged in conflict; From language and spirituality to race, from animism to Catholicism. From West African languages to French, from black to white. With each disruption came acceptance, adaptation and rebirth. Change comes for us all. No one is exempt. What will you do when it’s your turn? ” 

Have a listen to the single below, and let us know what you think:

NEW MUSIC: Wu-Lu Shares Deeply Moving New Single – Seven


South – London based instrumentalist; Wu-Lu returns with the poignant, moving track titled Seven. Formerly part of regular NTS hosts’; Touching Bass, a collective of ‘soul disciples’ who make and select music for the soul and mind.

Wu-Lu has always made music with an indistinct soulfulness, blended with the attitude and emotions of rock and hip hop. His last two projects, titled GINGA, and N.A.I.S showcased an evolution in his sound, from downtempo hip hop beats to more poignant experimentation and manipulation with instruments in last year’s release – N.A.I.S.

Wu-Lu spills his heart over the resonating guitar and drums throughout his latest release, Seven.

Have a listen below: