Elisa Delves Into Her Inner World For New Single, ‘Water’

Elisa Imperilee releases ‘Water’ produced by long-time collaborator SRIGALA and
accompanied by the singer’s first visual directed by ALMASS BADAT.

‘Water’ is a haunting tale of empowerment following Elisa’s journey through isolation
and fear as she faces her feelings. This is Elisa’s first self released track which follows her first release with MC Manik.

Speaking about the track, Elisa mentions: “People always told me that time was a healer. But sometimes time isn’t enough and the difficult truth is that you have to put in work to heal yourself.When I wrote this song I was in a dark place yet somehow this felt more comfortable than the prospect of facing the feelings I had been avoiding for a long time. I was becoming
aware of the trap I was in and this song chronicles my coming to terms with the fact I had
to dive into those difficult emotions to get out of it.”

Listen to ‘Water’ below.

Xavier Omar – If You Feel

Xavier Omar has had an interesting trajectory. Starting his career in 2012 under the moniker SPZRKT, (abbreviation for Spazzy Rocket) he released a steady stream of EP’s produced by his musical match, Sango. His rise in popularity and recognition has been nothing short of gradual. After four EP’s and penning an open letter in which he divorced his old stage name, Omar released his first ever album and music video for Just Get Here ft. VanJess and Wale last autumn. A unique approach to protecting his mystique, which for the most part has worked in his favour.

Xavier Omar returns again not long after the release of his debut with if You Feel. Omar’s secondary effort, released almost a year to the day of Moments Spent Loving You is a perfectly sequenced, 11 track body of work. This go around, we get to hear Omar collaborate with the likes of Mereba (Like I Feel), Masego (SURF) and new comer Jae Stephens for the laid back summertime track All Our Time.

Getting more personal on this album, the singer-songwriter lets listeners in on his new marriage, expressing his devotion to his wife on tracks like Protect and in particular So Much More; a stand out, 90s nostalgia slow jam.

In true Omar style, each song is laced with warm and intricate harmonies. Pushing the limits, we see Omar sample the Dru Hill smash ‘Tell Me’ for the 5th track on the album, ‘want/need’ where he flits between rapping and singing effortlessly.

‘If You Feel’ is a great continuation to Xavier Oamr’s journey; a piece of art where the underground RnB artist meets the mainstream without losing substance. A perfect balance. 

Check out the full album below, and let us know what you think:

Radio: Inspired Sound w/ Kofi Yeboah 22.03.10




Karmasound – Donda Vuelta
Karmasound – Lo Unico Que Quiero
Sault – Why Why Why Why Why
Deep in the bottem – Monique Bingham & Black Coffee
Deepest Darker – Pip Milliet
Bittersweet – Lianne La Havas
Closer to God – D Smoke ft Sir
One Week – Elaquent ft A L L I E
Zin & Pawcut – The Wait
Deep Space – The Colours That Rise
Feeling Good – Hallex M
Cake – Haleighblu & Bluestab
You Can’t Save Me – SiR
That Make You Feel – Fika ft Jackson Mathod
Carefree – Mick Jenkins
Ezekiel Wheel – Jay Electronica & Jay Z
Sage Secrets – Pyjaeyn
Hollywood Vixen – Pat Savii
Goldress – Yellowstrap
Los Tamoures Te llama – Oslunade
Take Over – Yellowstrap
Bird Whisper – Tom VR
Dego & Kaidi Tatham – Rockers Rebel Step

New Music: Alternative RnB Duo Yellowstraps Release Debut EP


Luxurious alternative R&B duo YellowStraps. In conjunction with the unveiling of their brand new EP Goldress, the Belgian brothers release the dreamy new video for highlight track “Take Over”.

‘Take Over’ leads with a jazzy electric guitar that keeps the listener enraptured throughout the track. Pairing the dynamic guitar style with a rhythmic set of drums and spacious pauses creates the equipoise between complex and boisterous.

The Murenzi brothers reveal a little about the complexities behind the track: ‘Take Over’ describes the toxic situation in a relationship where one party is overly dependent on the other. It takes the form of a direct conversation in which one of the parties explains to the other that it is essential to have their own balanced path and way of life, instead of relying on the others’.

Check out the video to ‘Take Over’:

Have a listen to Yellowstraps new EP below:

New Music: A L L I E Gets Deep In New Single with Canadian Producer, Elaquent

In the wake of this forthcoming new compilation album Canadian based producer, Elaquent releases his new single with A L L I E on the vocals.

A L L I E leaves little for the imagination as she effortlessly spills her heart over Elaquent’s smooth jamming boom bap styled drum pattern. Singing from the heart whilst also allowing herself to be vulnerable A L L I E, speaks on a longing from someone who has left.

Have a listen to the single below, and let us know what you think:

New Music: UK Singer, Hannah Lucia Releases Her First Single of 2020


Fusing the silky smooth rhythm and patterns of soulful classics with elements of dubstep is refreshing to hear from UK singer, Hannah Lucia.

Off the back her previously acclaimed single, ‘Talk in Code’ which earned her recognition in publication such as The Sunday Times Culture, HUNGER, Highsnobiety. Her latest single, Sorry for the Mistakes is a mix of dubstep instrumentation and pop sounding vocals.

Lucia does well to show great clarity and power to her vocals to match with the ambient build up in momentum from the synths. The smooth transitions in the arrangement creates a wonderfully powerful sensual mood from the minimal production style to Lucia’s voice.

Have listen to the track below, and let us know what you think:

New Music: North London Based RnB Singer, Kwaku Asante Release New Single, Primrose


North-West London’s Kwaku Asante continues to tease the imminent release of his debut EP with the richly romantic “Primrose“.

Looking back at chapters in his life shared with a loved one, “Primrose” is a romantic walk down memory lane. The crackling instrumentation at the tracks’ opening feels like the warm flames of an open fire, keeping the distant memories burning in his mind.

A storyteller at heart, Kwaku draws inspiration from neo-soul, R&B and hip hop culture to curate a rich tapestry of sounds in order to vividly narrate his journey of self-discovery.

Explaining the track in a little more detail, Kwaku adds: “The song takes you through a special day I had with the first person whom I had strong romantic feelings for. Sung retrospectively I sing in the mind state I was at the time of the relationship”. 

Have a listen to track below, and let us know what you think:

New Music: RnB singer Azekel Releases New Single ‘Thrills’


Nearly year since his debut album ‘Our Father‘, contemporary RnB and soul singer, Azekel releases the deeply engrossing new single ‘Thrills‘. Experimenting more with the instrumentation and vocals, the track has an intense mood throughout from the resonating bassline, to harsh tones permeating from his voice.

Thrills‘ will feature on Azekel’s forthcoming EP titled ‘New Mind’

Check it out below, and let us know what you think:


New Music: Berlin RnB Duo High John and Douniah Release Smooth New Single, ‘Dream Baby’

Dounah & High John.png

Cologne Based Hip Hop label, Melting Pot Music have a knack for delivering some amazing Hip Hop coming out of Europe, and their latest release from Berlin Duo High John and Douniah is another credible release from their growing catalogue of music.

Johns warm, lo-fi beats and Douniahs rich, soul-soaked voice interact in a very natural way, combining almost organically 90’s urban music with the timbre under themes of the here and now.

“Dream Baby” is also the title track for the upcoming Album of High John & Douniah which will be released Nov 11 on Melting Pot Music.

Check it out below, and let us know what you think:

LIVE: Azekel At London’s Meltdown Festival

Azekel 3

Legendary music professional Nile Rodgers hosted and curated London’s 26th edition of Meltdown festival which included a host of extremely talented singers, and musicians over the course of the 9 days. Over the course of the festival, Rodgers blended a deliberate mixture of his favourite artists, both old and new, and on the fifth day, gave the Queen Elizabeth center’s Purcell Room evening slot to one of the UK’s most gracious singers, Azekel Adesuyi. Growing up in a capital as richly diverse as London seems to have helped Azekel establish a range of influences from soul and R&B, to electronic and Pop.

As the night began, Azekel’s warming and almost shy presence met the slightly cautious cheers and screams from the crowd as some didn’t seem to know whether stand or remain seated. However, Azekel seemed to easily settle the crowd afterwards, reeling off the first two tracks of his set before casually introducing himself and his backing drummer and guitarist.

Azekel 1

One of the poignant moments during the night was Azekel’s passionate solo track, which was an immersive acoustic performance involving only his voice and the silky string play of his guitarist. It was the first-time listeners could fully lose themselves in tune with Azekel’s tenacious vocal range and emphatic singing ability, which was able to come to the forefront during this piece. His soothing, delicate voice captivated the audience for the duration of his standout performance. leaving half the room in awe, eager eyed, hanging onto every note with an intense focus for its entirety, and just when the last few lyrics were sung, Azekel was greeted by raucous applause and a standing ovation; a brilliant moment.

Going to live concerts you are always hopeful of hearing new music from the artist, and Azekel went into the second half of his hour long set to test a couple new tracks he’d been working on titled, ‘Thrills’ and ‘Freeway’.  Similarly matched in pace, the quick succession between the two new tracks brought an engrossing switch in tempo with a grooving bassline and scintillating pockets for drums to takeover and elevate the track.

Azekel closed the evening with the tranquil swirling grooves for one of his standout debut album tracks – ‘Wetty Betty’. There’s a beautiful cruising in the car in sunshine feel to the track, the wonderful chord progression and spinning effects surrounding Azekel’s vocals during chorus makes hook so catchy.

Check out his debut album Father below: