NEWS: Forward Thinking London Based DJ/Producer; Footshooter Drops Stunning 6-Track EP

Yam Records have been delivering some brilliant releases this year, they seem to have a knack for picking out great electronic music producers. Adding to their catalog of releases is the Technicolor Nights EP from the very talented DJ/Producer; Barry Whittaker who makes music under the alias; Footshooter. His heavily vibrant percussion throughout are instantly recognizable, and create beautifully rhythmic patterns to work on dancefloors. The kick and drums on the stand out track ‘Rotations’ seem to take inspiration and from RnB, whilst the eerie warm piano synth takes center stage with a progressive looped pattern bubbling with the kick, drums. The dynamic change of pace also stands out. The switch in tempo from the contemplative, and mellowness in the track ‘Telegraph Hill’ to the energetic, 160bpm track; ‘Mars ft And Is Phi’ show off Footshooter’s skill and vision to make the flow of the EP as captivating as each track.

Have a listen for yourself, and support the artist via bandcamp: