Inspired Sound Radio w/ Nubiyan Twist | 13.03.21

Following the release of their album, Freedom Fables, a 9-piece afro-jazz group, Nubiyan Twist joined us on the radio show to discuss the album, and their journey. Now, it wasn’t all nine members of the group (the show would be way over an hour and a half) but we spoke with Pilo and Joe.

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Have a listen back below.

Google Announces “hum to search” Machine Learning Music Search Feature

On Thursday, Google announced a new “hum to search” feature enabling people to pinpoint songs by simply humming part of a track. Google notes that people need not worry about their musical capabilities, “you don’t need perfect pitch to use this feature,” in a press release.

The new search capability is available on the Google app and mobile devices as well as the Google Search widget. When using the widget, people will first need to tap the small microphone icon and prompt the feature by either clicking the button labeled “search a song” or saying “what’s this song?” Next, the person will need to proceed to hum part of the song.

The hum to search function is also available on Google Assistant using a similar framework. To identify a song in this format, first ask “Hey Google, what’s this song?” before humming a song. It’s important to remember that an audio enquirer will need to know a bit of the song to help target a particular track. Per the Google release, people will need to hum a portion of the song for 10-15 seconds.

The feature uses machine learning to identify potential tracks based on a person’s hummed sequence. After humming a tune, Google will provide a series of “most likely options based on the tune.” Then, people can play these closest matches and peruse information related to the performing artists, tracks, albums, and more.

[via Tech Republic]

New Spotify Format Allows Podcasters To Place Songs Between Talk Segments In Shows

Spotify is testing what it describes as a new “listening experience” that combines music and spoken-word content in a new playlist-style podcast format.

Shows that use this new format, which the company says is one of its most-requested features, will see talk segments and individual tracks stacked together, allowing Spotify’s listeners to interact with music within episodes in the same way they normally interact with tracks on the platform.

The company states that this new format marks an evolution from its personalized Your Daily Drive podcasts that combine podcasts and music, which were launched in the US in June last year, followed by Germany in October 2019 and in the UK last month.

Shows using Spotify’s new format rely on the platform’s music catalog licenses, which means that musicians and songwriters are compensated “just like any regular stream of a music track on Spotify”.

Spotify Premium listeners will hear full tracks as part of these shows, and Free tier users will hear 30-second music previews.

Shows using this format are also exclusive to Spotify.

Q&A: Have You Met… River Nelson

River Nelson Promo Pic (Medium)

Native New Yorker, River Nelson has carved out a respectable following for himself in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the globe, with widespread press acclaim and radio support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne and Giles Peterson.  In 2010 River worked with legendary UK producer Lewis Parker and the two created the critically praised The Rise & Fall of River Nelson, described by The Independent as “full of thoughtful sentiments and a positive attitude set to infectious symphonic-soul beats”. This was followed in 2013 with The Shape of The Sky, and his third album How to Dream in 2016, followed by the EP Navigation in 2017.

River Nelson’s latest album Power, Resilience, & Joy has hip hop at its very core. Emphatically speaking from his personal experience which have helped define him, Nelson’s words offer a sense of comfort in how to revive and find joy through bad times.

River offered some time to ask a few questions on his influences, writing process and collaborations:

How did you get into the music you currently make today? Did you play an instrument growing, or from writing poems?

It really came from being a fan first and that led me to become an artist. It turned out that I was so inspired by the artists of my youth, I wanted to create my own songs. I started writing poetry a little after that. But being a fan and studying hip-hop albums is what initially fueled me to write.

Do you have any other creative outlets, like painting or design?

I do have other outlets outside of songwriting, but they still relate to writing. I write poems, stories, and articles on hip-hop history. I’d like to write a novel one day as well.

Who were your influences growing up, and how have they impacted your music?

There’s way too many to name them all, but growing up I was most inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim, Outkast, Nas, Bob Marley, Sade and The Doors.

I noticed you’ve toured with artists like Common, Talib Kweli and Kelis, what was it like to tour with them, and how did being with those inspire the music you create?

It was cool but also bitter sweet because some of those shows didn’t work out exactly as planned. But the fact that I got the opportunity was life changing, and it told me to keep working and keep pushing. Because one day you’re writing songs in your living room, and the next someone asks if you want to open up for Common.

What advice would you give to younger artists trying to make it in the music industry?

You can’t be everything to everyone, so find out what you’re musical niche is and work on developing a level of mastery over it.  Also, don’t wait around for anyone to launch your dreams or care about your art as much as you do. Put the work in yourself, create your own noise and then it’ll be easier for you to navigate through the music industry. Because then you’ll have leverage.

Which artists in the current crop would you love to collaborate most with?

I would say the main ones off the top of my head are the rapper YBN Cordae, Joey Bada$$, J. Cole, as well as his artists EarthGang and J.I.D. Plus, the singer H.E.R.

Do you listen to any artists in the UK, if so, who and what do you think of them?

Oh yeah, of course, Lewis Parker, Giggs, Skepta, Jhest, and the singer Davina Oriakhi are just some that come to mind. Not to mention, Sade and the rock bands from the UK that I’m into like Radiohead and Coldplay. I think all of those artists are super talented and they constantly inspire me.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m going to keep promoting the new album “Power, Resilience & Joy,” play shows and work on the next LP.

Check out the video to his single ‘Today’ taken from his recent album Power, Resilience, & Joy:

NEWS: K15’s Culross Close Group Announce Return With New Album Set For March 15th


Culross Close announce their new album titled ‘Forgotten Ones’ through Escenia in March. Culross Close features Eli Emmanuel on bass, Anthony Kieron on keys, May Goode on drums, Nathaniel Jiddu on synthesizers, and Hasani on percussion.

Following from a great year of music from K15, with his short Latin inspired EP titled; Sunbeams through Eglo Records being a highlight.
Forgotten ones will be out on the 15th March via bandcamp

Forgotten Ones
The Tiniest Lights Still Shine

Top UK Independent Album Releases of 2018

2018 has been a brilliant year of music for independent artists in the UK, and as always, the aim of Inspired Sound is to shed light on artists who may go a little under the radar, or a little over some people’s head. So, to celebrate some great releases, and to celebrate a little over a year of Inspired Sound we wanted to highlight some of our favourite album releases from the UK this year.


Now, to narrow the choices we wanted to focus our attention on UK album releases only, and not singles or EPs. Generally, albums really highlight a more significant marker in an artists’ career and, whether it’s through beats or words, it can tell a more intimate picture of the artists’ current mood, thoughts, and influences. As ever, the platform has always tried to focus on independent artists, and the aim has always been to share good music which comes my way, no matter the genre. So, in no particular order:

Children of Zeus –  Travel Light



The Magrehban – 01DEAS


Kaidi Tatham – It’s All About You



Louis VI – Sugar Like Salt

Louis Vi

The Expansions – Murmuration

the expansions

Manga St Hilaire – Outsiders Live Forever


Kamaal Williams – The Return

the return

Moses Boyd – Displaced Diaspora


Maisha – There Is A Place


Blue Lab Beats – Xover

blue lab

Barney Artist – Home Is Where The Art Is


Summers Sons – Uruhu




First Thoughts: Steve Spacek – Natural Sci-Fi


Lucid, eerie, reflective are just few words which spring to mind when I try to describe this album. There’s a wonderful melancholic feel throughout, which is set from the first track to the last track. Steve Spacek isn’t someone who needs much introduction, as if you’ve read our review of his upbeat experimental 4 track EP titled; ‘EP3: Mvr Clsr, which we were treated to earlier this year then you’ll know a bit about him already! However, this album seems like a long time coming with his last solo album dating as far back as 2005 (which kind of feels weird to say now), but this year has felt like a bit of a rebirth for Steve Spacek. As, in spite a few short killer releases such as ‘Follow Me‘ and ‘Boungie‘ to name a few, the two projects his produced this year have laid a marker of his recent direction and sound.

Something which has remained synonymous from his first solo album to this current album, is his ability to create gentle delicate tones in voice with some range. Those vocals are introduced later on into the opening track which builds a beautiful soothing arrangement around his vocals. Deep Inside channels a similar pattern and mood from the last and maintains the same reflective, dreamy feel. As the album reaches the mid-section, stand out track; Ova (ft Oddisee), shifts the rhythm and tempo into another gear, which succinctly carried over to Carnival Nights. I think the transitions between tracks are what really stand out throughout the album, each track seamlessly blend into each other, a perfect winter album to relax and immerse yourself into a cosmic journey.

Listen and support via bandcamp:

First Thoughts: Waajeed – From The Dirt

Little late to find this one, but most definitely glad I found it! Detroit born and bred legendary producer; Waajeed blessed us with a deeply soulful house 10-track album titled; ‘From the Dirt’. With over 20 years in the game, Waajeed started producing hip hop style beats, using a sampler machine which belonged to well-respected producer; J Dilla. What’s also worth noting is his shift to house and dance floor focused music in recent years, which is testament to his dynamic producing ability. Released through his own label; Dirt Tech Reck, this album follows on from a string of short EP releases starting from 2017.

There’s an amazing energy throughout the album, accompanied with some beautiful vocal features, consistent brilliant arrangement and a range of colourful percussion washing every track. Stand out track ‘From the Dirt’ opens the journey momentously, as Waajeed creates a captivating soundscape with slow building kicks and an attacking piano rift. The Impactful preachers’ sample in the track ‘I Just Wanna Tell’ decorates a wonderful spiritual house feel throughout, similar to tracks like never grow Old’ from Robert Hood. He’s clever chopping of the preachers’ sample against the growing presence of drums and claps quickly shifts your mood from contemplation to absolute joy, as the drum and kicks begin to take center stage in the track. Waajeed’s mellow, hypnotic sounds in tracks like ‘Strength’ and ‘I ain’t Safe’, blends well with soul singer; Ideeyah accompaniment throughout those tracks.

Have a listen and support via bandcamp below:

NEWS: Forward Thinking London Based DJ/Producer; Footshooter Drops Stunning 6-Track EP

Yam Records have been delivering some brilliant releases this year, they seem to have a knack for picking out great electronic music producers. Adding to their catalog of releases is the Technicolor Nights EP from the very talented DJ/Producer; Barry Whittaker who makes music under the alias; Footshooter. His heavily vibrant percussion throughout are instantly recognizable, and create beautifully rhythmic patterns to work on dancefloors. The kick and drums on the stand out track ‘Rotations’ seem to take inspiration and from RnB, whilst the eerie warm piano synth takes center stage with a progressive looped pattern bubbling with the kick, drums. The dynamic change of pace also stands out. The switch in tempo from the contemplative, and mellowness in the track ‘Telegraph Hill’ to the energetic, 160bpm track; ‘Mars ft And Is Phi’ show off Footshooter’s skill and vision to make the flow of the EP as captivating as each track.

Have a listen for yourself, and support the artist via bandcamp:

New Music: Kyle Hall releases his first single of 2018, on his Wild Oats label


Detroit born, devoted electronic producer; Kyle Hall has released the new single, ‘Equanimity. This release marks the 10 year anniversary of Wild Oats and its only fitting that we celebrate with a release from the label boss himself on tonight’s full moon.

Along with the engineering treatment from “Chicago’s very own” (C.V.O.) deep house legend, Glenn Underground, “Equanimity” takes on a new sound and assembly that inspires some philosophical thoughts below. Katastematic Pleasure is the epicurean philosophical concept that the magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit at the removal of all pain.

You can listen below:

You can purchase the album through Wild Oats