First Thoughts: Mndsgn – Snaxx

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Coming out of LA based independent label – Stones Throw Records, is the ever diligent creative – Mndsgn aka Ringgo Ancheta. Snaxx marks Mndsgn’s fourth studio album to have come out of Stones Throw Records. The concept and ambitions for Snaxx were built on ‘not wanting to let unreleased tracks wither and die on his hard drive’, he mentions.

Mndsgn has always had his hands on the pulse for the Hip Hop styled beats, but he’s never been shy to include other influences. His 2014 debut Yawn Zen’s dreamy atmospheres and languid beats felt ambient, even psychedelic, and 2016’s Body Wash took a different approach entirely, repurposing influences from 1970s and 1980s boogie and R&B into a conceptual, cosmic epic.


The development between each track fit together coherently like one long wistful journey through Mndsgn’s influences. As the album begins with the first four tracks following one another in quick succession the tempo is quickened in the 5th track – ‘Browneez’. The quick drum pattern carries the energy throughout the track, whilst the ethereal harmonic tones from the synthesised keys, and warm electric guitar sounding melody line are given room to stand out. ‘Cashoos’ seems to work as an interlude for the album, with it being a shorter, and swift change of pace to the previous tracks. The soothing harmonised vocal lines steal the track, with only very gentle beats supporting the vocals.

The silky transition between tracks towards the end of the album from ‘Browneez’ to ‘Ggardenn’ include a couple uplifting vocal performances. Jon Bap’s soulful vocal display simply melts along the resonating keyboard chords, whilst, Asal Hazel’s tender harsh vocals bless the following track – ‘Snaxx with U’. A truly brilliant album with Hip Hop at its core, but with the accompanying cleverly placed samples surrounding the beats bringing the album to life.

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NEW MUSIC: Mndsgn Announces Release Of Snaxx Through Stones Throw On June 14th


Mndsgn, aka Ringgo Ancheta, isn’t someone who regularly releases album, and being the detail oriented creative he is, he wanted to do this forthcoming project justice. Following the release of beat-heavy production of Deviled Eggs, he also announces the release of ‘Snaxx’, which is set for release on the 14th of June.

Have a listen to his latest Deviled Eggs on our updated spotify playlist: