New Music: North London Based RnB Singer, Kwaku Asante Release New Single, Primrose


North-West London’s Kwaku Asante continues to tease the imminent release of his debut EP with the richly romantic “Primrose“.

Looking back at chapters in his life shared with a loved one, “Primrose” is a romantic walk down memory lane. The crackling instrumentation at the tracks’ opening feels like the warm flames of an open fire, keeping the distant memories burning in his mind.

A storyteller at heart, Kwaku draws inspiration from neo-soul, R&B and hip hop culture to curate a rich tapestry of sounds in order to vividly narrate his journey of self-discovery.

Explaining the track in a little more detail, Kwaku adds: “The song takes you through a special day I had with the first person whom I had strong romantic feelings for. Sung retrospectively I sing in the mind state I was at the time of the relationship”. 

Have a listen to track below, and let us know what you think:

LIVE: Sekcou Keita at London’s Jazz Cafe


Photo Credit: Siobhan Bradshaw

Funnily, Seckou Keita wasn’t someone I was familiar with at all until a few hours before his headline show at Jazz Café August 18th. With a strong love for music originating from Africa, having unintentionally grown up listening to Ghanaian highlife and gospel for early parts of my teenage years. I’ve recently wanted to delve into music originating from other parts of the continent, listening to music outside of popular Afrobeats or Highlife which I’ve grown so used to, and step out of my comfort zone.

Learning of Seckou’s nearly 20-year long career in music I thought his headline show would bring in crowds from different generations, so I found myself taking in his performance as much as the company around me. It was a great to be around people so absorbed and engrossed to a man truly at one with his instrument, playing with nothing but pure joy and appreciation.

Seckou Keita is one of some Kora players in the world. A beautifully crafted wooden instrument with 22 tightly stretched strings. The delicate sounds radiating from Seckou’s Kora had the crowd completely stunned to a pensive silence for moments throughout the evening. The tone of the Kora can be best compared to the Harp, perhaps unassuming to some but can definitely stir some deep emotion to any listener.

‘If Only I Knew’ was the first time Seckou had the chance to exercise his vocals. Sung in his native tongue, Seckou explained the song to be inspired by a message his grandfather and mentor said to him when he was young, after a dream of his future he didn’t understand. Nostalgia seemed to ooze feeling into his music, from his voice to the melancholic sounds of the Kora.


Photo credit: Siobhan Bradshaw

However, the graceful transition to one of Seckou’s most notable tracks, ‘1677’ stirred a different kind of sentiment in the crowd. Influenced by the tragic and fatal war between the Goa people and the Portuguese during the period of colonisation in Senegal during the 1600. With that in mind, the eerie breaks in between the jolting, elevating tempo build from the Kora was even more touching throughout the song as the crowd collectively held to a heart-wrenching silence.

Approaching the last half hour of his set, Seckou’s closed with Gambian Multi-Instrumentalist, Suntou Susso who played alongside him with a makeshift Congo sounding drum. Suntou’s quick hands on the drum brought a liveliness, and added a subtle tenor underlay to Seckou’s previously unaccompanied Kora. The two were in complete harmony, going back and forth between each other, raising the tempo so effortlessly all whilst smiling in absolute delight. Rounding off the evening on a high was a befitting ending to the night as their last track was met with raucous applause and screams of excitement. I may not have known Seckou Keita before this evening, but I certainly won’t be forgetting that show.

Seckou is raising money for the ACLT Chartiy who help support patients through bone marrow and blood organ donation. Click here to donate

NEWS: London raised Musician Boadi Releases The Feel-Good Single – All I Need

Raised in the immensely diverse city of London, Boadi is an artist who’s managed to create a distinctive energy with his music and aura. Lyrically, Boadi writes like an RnB artist deeply passionate and emotional but has shown hints of jazz and hip-hop influence from his last EP titled; ‘AwoMaa’. In spite his young age, Boadi has already made a few memorable, poignant moment in his career from, Sir Elton John’s Rocket Hour on Beats 1 and DJ Target’s BBC Radio 1Xtra Homegrown show, to supporting the magnificent Alexander O’Neil at the jazz café earlier this year.

With a new EP in the midst this year, Boadi releases the deeply enchanting track ‘All you need’. Boasting diverse instrumentation throughout, it provides an escapade into the mind of a person consumed by love. Dreamy synths and a jittery sax can be heard, layered over a groovy baseline and drums. All of these provide the foundation for Boadi’s stretching, soulful vocals to really shine through. A silky arrangement with some delightfully radiant sounds throughout, definetly someone to look out from the UK this year.

Have a listen below through our spotify playlist:

First Thoughts: The Expansions – Mosiac


South London based jazz-funk quartet; The Expansions draw on inspiration from old 70s and 80s funk, meshed with beautiful synths to bring their music to this age. Their recent EP release titled; ‘The Mosiac‘ is gorgeously edgy and filled with astral flow and rhythm. The quartet first grabbed my attention, like many, with the stunning EP titled; ‘The Murmation‘, which showed off their craftsmanship and keen ears perfectly, whilst also catching the eyes from respected music publications such as; Stamp the Wax, The Lonely Table, and The Vinyl Factory.

Check The Expansions live performance of Red Baron below:

*This video is courtesy of The Expansions, and is for promotional use only*

Frontline track; ‘Mosaic’ matches energy and vibrancy from the guitar and keys with the strong, warm drums and bassline throughout. Cohesively working together to form, what develops into an incredibly ethereal opening track with the eerie synthesized keys creating momentous build ups throughout. The following track ‘Transcoso’, winds down the tempo and mood with the slow, soothing synthesized keys setting the pace. Whereas, the closing track ‘Mariposa’ oozes with inspiration from old 70s funk, with tremendous pace and skills from the band’s drummer; Jonny Drop, as well as special mention the lead guitarist James O’Keefe excellently solo mid-way through the track stealing the show. ‘Mariposa’ brilliantly caps off a wonderfully crafted EP.

You can listen and buy via Bandcamp or Juno

Also, check out our updated Spotify playlist, with features recent releases shared on this page:

New Music: Highly Rated London Based Lyricist; Lex Amor Reveals Latest Single Titled; Mood

London based lyricist; Lex Amor recently dropped a new track titled; Mood. Lex Amor first grabbed my attention with her feature track; ‘Praises’ (listen below) in the first Touching Bass Chronicles, towards the end of last year. Her candid, spoken word flow makes her stand out amongst other UK hip hop artist.

Having mostly laid lyrics down to hip-hop and soul stylized productions, her new release ‘Mood’, sees Lex Amor shift gears on a heavy trap beat. Impressively, she manages to ride the beat whilst still maintaining her spoken word poetic flow.

Check it out for yourself below: