New Music: Broken Beat House Legend, Kaidi Tatham Releases Two New Singles

Kaidi Tatham’s consistent wizardry behind the keys rarely fails to disappoint, having already releases a short EP this year, Tatham returns with two new singles.

‘You Find That I Got You’ has a gorgeous slow burning groove led by the growing bassline. Tatham nicely accompanies the bassline with soft congo drums and piercing claps to usher in eventual developing melody lines, which he cleverly layers around the vocals line. I love how Tatham often makes use of more jazz instruments, like trumpets and trombones to lift the track as the melody builds around the vocals

‘Mjuvi’ feels more like a dance a track from the looping drum patterns with a more Latin samba music feel, from the persistent trudging from the various shakers. The short release from bass sounding element balance nicely with his brilliant display on the keys throughout the piece

Have listen to it below, let us know what you think:

New Music: Cardiff Duo – The Darkhouse Family Celebrate First Word Records’ 15th Anniversary with a New Release


First Word Record ended last year as record label of the year at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide awards, and celebrations have continued to run into their 15th anniversary in music industry this year. As the team aim to release a string of singles with collaborations within their current roster of artists

The Darkhouse Family have released a new single to start the series of releases titled, ‘All The Way’ featuring Tyler Daley and Kaidi Tatham. The Darkhouse family are made up of Cardiff beatmakers, Earl Jeffers, and Don Leisure who have already been making noise in the electronic dance scene on their own, as well as together, in the live music scene with their work with Kaamal Williams. 

The luscious gradual build within the track blissfully eases you in, with Tyler Daley’s accompanying vocals a forever soothing sound. Which radiates the track, and beautifully envelopes around the silky production.

Have a listen to ‘All The Way’ below, and let us know what you think:



Top UK Independent Album Releases of 2018

2018 has been a brilliant year of music for independent artists in the UK, and as always, the aim of Inspired Sound is to shed light on artists who may go a little under the radar, or a little over some people’s head. So, to celebrate some great releases, and to celebrate a little over a year of Inspired Sound we wanted to highlight some of our favourite album releases from the UK this year.


Now, to narrow the choices we wanted to focus our attention on UK album releases only, and not singles or EPs. Generally, albums really highlight a more significant marker in an artists’ career and, whether it’s through beats or words, it can tell a more intimate picture of the artists’ current mood, thoughts, and influences. As ever, the platform has always tried to focus on independent artists, and the aim has always been to share good music which comes my way, no matter the genre. So, in no particular order:

Children of Zeus –  Travel Light



The Magrehban – 01DEAS


Kaidi Tatham – It’s All About You



Louis VI – Sugar Like Salt

Louis Vi

The Expansions – Murmuration

the expansions

Manga St Hilaire – Outsiders Live Forever


Kamaal Williams – The Return

the return

Moses Boyd – Displaced Diaspora


Maisha – There Is A Place


Blue Lab Beats – Xover

blue lab

Barney Artist – Home Is Where The Art Is


Summers Sons – Uruhu




Kaidi Tatham – In My Life

in my lifeKaidi Tatham (also known as Agent K) is a member of the Bugz in the Attic collective, keys player for The Herbaliser Band on stage and involved in many projects, most notably his collaborations with 4hero’s Dennis McFarlane: 2000Black, DKD (with Daz-I-Kue), Silhouette Brown and Da One Away (with Ian Grant aka IG Culture).

Having already begun the year with his full-length album release through First Word Records (click here to read our review), Kaidi has gone back to his 2000Black family to release a stunningly crafted 4 track EP. Kaidi perfectly blends challenging instrument experimentation with enough soulful rhythm to work on the dancefloor. The third track titled; ‘Is Crimbo really here’ is an exciting showcase of that, with a steady build of elements marrying amazingly well throughout the track. Resonating shakers, soft kicks, and harmonious piano chords provide the backdrop for Kaidi’s piano skills to take shape and lead midway through the track. Another stand out track, which almost feels like two, is titled; ‘But you bring it up’. Blessing the track with her gorgeous vocals is Nadine Charles, who’s voice keeps up with the change of pace, in a manner which radiates and lifts the song to flow with the vibrating, frequent percussion and piano melodies.

Have a listen to below, and support the artist via bandcamp: