News: K THE INFINITE Releases The Official Video To Hit Single, ‘Such Is Lyfe’


K THE INFINITE releases the official video for his hit single, ‘Such is Lyfe’, featuring vocals from soulful singer Aneesa’Marie. Set it what looks like a old 1970s disco venue, with a glittering disco ball, and rustic tone in the video quality. The scene seems to match K The Infinite retrospective lyricism, as he begins by reminiscing his relatable struggles of his life, from debt, wages, and living

The track draws on influences from the likes of Sampha, Kendrick Lamar, Kojey Radical and James Blake. K THE INFINITE combines laid back – yet intricate flows – with gripping lyricism over hard-hitting beats. Aneesa Marie expertly compliments K’s soulful voice with her elegant vocals.

Check out the amazing video below and let us know what you think: