Joshua Luke Smith Relesease The Hard Hitting Debut Single From His Forthcoming Album

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Releasing his first single of forthcoming album, Joshua Luke Smith shares his powerful debut track ‘Shine On’. The track is a poignant opener to Joshua Luke Smith’s incoming album set to release in 2021. Taking inspiration from a very personal place, ‘Shine On’ is a hard-hitting, passion-enthused musical statement highlighting this budding artist’s undeniable talent of connecting an audience to his highly influential music and insightful lyricism.

Speaking more in depth about the meaning behind the track, Joshua explains; “Shine On came together suddenly. I don’t even remember starting or finishing the song, it was as if it was already formed and I found it. I needed these words and found that in acknowledging my unique experiences of loss and confusion, I felt united with others and surrounded by hope. I remember speaking out the line from the bridge knowing my family was in turmoil, my dad was battling cancer, we were on the brink financially, the global pandemic was unfolding, our first child was on the way and the future couldn’t be more uncertain. Yet, announcing those words felt like a battle cry, a call to arms and proclamation of hope, for myself and others.”

You can listen to Joshau Luke Smith’s heartfelt word in his single below, and let us know what you think: