First Thoughts: Jerome Thomas – Mood Swing Vol 1

With his headline show just around the corner on the 27th of February at the infamous Jazz Cafe, Singer/Songwriter Jerome Thomas released his second EP titled – Mood Swings Vol 1. Having been nearly two years since his debut EP release – ‘Conversations’, this EP has been a long time coming but Jerome has continued to grow since his debut release. With headline shows across London in Bush Hall, Queen of Hoxton, Camden Assembly, Hackney Empire, Notting Hill Arts Club.


As a listener, its always more exciting listening to an album which has taken a little longer to create than your previous, you’re always going to approach listening to the album with a bit more intent. Especially as Jerome revealed on Instagram, he wants to make music which is timeless. Enthralling a range of emotions within each track from the silky-smooth harmonising tones he displays in tracks such as ‘Bruises’ and ‘Lovesick’, to the quicker, punchy, almost spoken word at times, in the track ‘Loaded’, there’s an element of grace and elegance around Jerome’s delivery.

As a vocalist, he’s one of the most exciting singers the UK, he’s able to enrich a track delicately for it not to become too overbearing but still stand out. Stand out track – ‘Loaded’ sees Jerome switch up his flow to match the up-tempo soulful broken beats pounding, along with the added feature of German based MC – Serious Klein. Another stand out track – ‘The 1’ builds beautifully, as the slow radiating saxophone lays patiently behind, for Jerome’s powerful vocals to shine through.

You can catch Jerome Thomas perform live at the Jazz Cafe on the 27th of Feburary, click here for tickets

Have a listen to the full EP on our spotify below: