Inspired Sound Radio w/ Nubiyan Twist | 13.03.21

Following the release of their album, Freedom Fables, a 9-piece afro-jazz group, Nubiyan Twist joined us on the radio show to discuss the album, and their journey. Now, it wasn’t all nine members of the group (the show would be way over an hour and a half) but we spoke with Pilo and Joe.

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Have a listen back below.

DANS DANS Blend Jazz, Psychedelic Blues, Spacey Rock-‘N-Roll

Dans Dans are pleased to share the video for the moody noir rhythms of new single ‘Cinder Bay’. Bass player Fred ‘Lyenn’ Jacques created a homemade video of ink dancing on a pink surface. The ink symbolises expression; it’s used to write or draw, to transfer thoughts and emotions.

As the ink bubbles and fizzes on the music’s frequency, the droplets lead a life of their own or interact with one another, propelled by the music, creating a palpable harmony between the music and its definition. “Cinder Bay evokes water and fire; a pastel sky above a deep sea; a carefree summer’s night at the beach, tinged with sadness and dread,” says Jacques.

Listen to Cinder Bay below.

KOKOROKO Return With The New Single, ‘Baba Ayoola’

London has been a hotbed of musical diversity, and KOKOROKO embody the musical innovation which London’s diverse culture has helped create. Infusing the energy of West African afrobeats and comptemporary jazz, KOKOROKO, have helped usher a cross-cultural musical sound which has seen the tour across Europe.

Following the release of their single Carry Me Home’ earlier this year, they have just released the new single Baba Ayoola, through Giles Peterson’s Brownswood recordings.

The song is dedicated to the grandfather of the band’s saxophonist, Cassie Kinoshi, and it’s exactly the kind of bright, rolling jam that we need going into the end of 2020.

Check ‘Baba Ayoola’ below, and let us know what you think:

Award-Winning Jazz Pianist Rick Simpson Re-Imagines Radiohead’s iconic album on 20th Anniversary + Shares Track

London-based record label Whirlwind Recordings are pleased to announce the release of ‘Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited’ from award-winning jazz pianist and composer Rick Simpson.

Created to mark the 20th anniversary of ‘Kid A’ the landmark album by Radiohead, the project’s roots were planted in a series of sell-out gigs curated by Simpson at London’s Vortex club featuring non-jazz records rearranged for jazz players.

The original gig was such a storming success, drawing in listeners from beyond the club’s regular audience, that Simpson re-assembled the band in the studio and recorded the entire album in a single afternoon session. “I think the time pressure contributed to the performances! It’s really punchy and to the point, but a lot happens – it captures the energy so well”.

Based in London, Simpson’s impeccable technique and restless imagination have earned him a place at the forefront of contemporary UK jazz music. Since graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2008 he has performed with musicians such as Christian Scott, Eric Harland, Joe Sanders, Michael Janisch, Ernesto Simpson, Martin Speake, Earl Burness Travis, Stan Sulzmann and Jeff Williams. He also plays in the ensembles of Michael Janisch, Leo Richardson, Jay Phelps, Rory Simmons, Alice Leggett, Riley Stone-Lonergan, Andre Canniere, and Kristian Borring amongst others.

Listen to his single ‘Kid A’  below, and let us know what you think. This is taken from his forthcoming album, ‘Kid A’ from ‘Everything All of the Time: Kid A Revisited’

MOBO Nominated Multi- Instrumentalist Presents His Newest Single, Joyful Spirits Of The Universe’

Worldwide Award winning and MOBO nominated trumpeter, composer, producer and DJ Matthew Halsall presents his new single “Joyful Spirits Of The Universe” – also announcing his new LP “Salute To The Sun” – (forthcoming on his Gondwana Records label). Beautifully charming and heartwarming, the blissful piano early into the track is simply delightful. Its a long a enduring composition which Matthew creates plenty of room for his trumpet and saxophone to create a spellbinding warming atmosphere.

Speaking on his forthcoming album, Matthew says: “I feel ‘Salute to the Sun’ is a positive earthy album. I wanted to create something playful but also quite primitive, earthy and organic that connected to the sounds in nature. I was listening to lush ambient field recordings of tropical environments such as jungles and rainforests and found myself drawn to percussive atmospheric sounds which replicated what I was hearing (bells / shakers / chimes / rain sticks) and I started to experiment with more wooden percussive instruments such as kalimba and marimba.”

Check out his news single Joyful Spirits Of The Universe below, and let us know what you think:

Multi-Instrumentalist, Dike Okoh Announces Forthcoming Single, ‘Bossa Nights’

Inspired by the times we’re currently living through, multi-instrumentalist DIKE OKOH offers some light at the end of the tunnel through forthcoming single, ‘Bossa Nights’ set for release on 14th August.

Written and produced by Okoh himself, ‘Bossa Nights’ explores times of uncertainty through a story of hope. The heartfelt jazz piece, infused with soulful R&B, boasts a tranquil arrangement of live acoustic guitar, live-bass, percussion, live drums, vocal synths, saxophone and trumpet, glazed over with Okoh’s soothing baritone vocal instrument. To give ‘Bossa Nights’ its own strong and unique identity, Okoh has worked some of the industry’s most seasoned musicians.

The ideal escapism song, ‘Bossa Nights’ was mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Miles has worked his magic on many of the world’s best-known artists, including The Beatles, Queen, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye.

Listen to his previous single, ‘Last Chance’ below, and let us know what you think:

Jazz Shakers’ Kaamal Williams Return With a New Single + Album Date Announcement

Shaking the underground broken house scene with his solo club focus music, Henry Wu returns under his live jazz focused band, Kaamal Williams, with the the brand new single, ‘One More Time’, as well as the announcement of their forthcoming album – ‘Wu Hen’ through his very own label, Black Focus Records. When pressed for … Continue reading “Jazz Shakers’ Kaamal Williams Return With a New Single + Album Date Announcement”

Shaking the underground broken house scene with his solo club focus music, Henry Wu returns under his live jazz focused band, Kaamal Williams, with the the brand new single, ‘One More Time’, as well as the announcement of their forthcoming album – ‘Wu Hen’ through his very own label, Black Focus Records.

When pressed for insight into the album’s overarching themes, Kamaal proclaims: “This is a revolution of the mind. A spiritual rebellion. To reach new heights requires separating ourselves from the material world and finding power in what’s intangible. That’s what music and art is for – whether it’s a primitive emotion or something deep, you feel it. And there’s a subliminal element that resonates throughout my work. If you’re painting, it’s what you’re feeling as you’re painting. And the person looking at that artwork or listening to that music, they can feel it too, because it’s sincere.”

Have a listen to the single below, and let us know what you think:

Nigerian Pop Star, WurlD Delivers A Powerful Spiritual Experience For His New EP, Afrosoul

Building his reputation as one of the most exciting breakout names coming out of Nigeria right now, rising singer/songwriter WurlD releases his new EP Afrosoul

Following a serious entrance into the ether with his debut COLORS performance last week (125K+ views and climbing), WurlD now showcases his debut EP, Afrosoul exciting vocal finesse and the kind of innate musicality that has brought him early critical acclaim across the likes of THE FADER, VIBE and OKAYAFRICA.

Tom Misch – What Kinda Music


One of the UKs most exciting drummers in Yussef Dayes has collaborated with the forward-thinking multi-instrumentalist and composer, Tom Misch, to release the pulsating new album ‘What Kinda Music’. The opening single, ‘What Kinda music’ is a slow burning beginning to an album which Yussef on the drums nicely sets the tone to, whilst Misch creates an eerie mood with the heavily reverb bassline which lines up perfectly behind his vocals.

The experimental dynamic throughout the track with his vocals and guitar is a direction in which Misch didn’t do much of, for his previous album, ‘Geography’, where he seemed to be trying to make more classically structured music and arrangement. Titling the track, ‘What Kinda Music’ adds to the experimental, instinctual natural relationship between Yussef Dayes and Tom Misch for the track, and the synergy between the two is continued throughout.


Stand out single, ‘Nightrider’ has a wonderfully relaxing tempo which is difficult to skip past as it seamlessly blends from the previous track. American Hip Hop artist, Freddie Gibbs blesses the track with a bumping up-tempo freestyle, casually ebbing and flowing around snares. 

Lift Off’ has an amazing momentous build started with the smooth leading bassline permeating throughout the track, the combination of the lead bass and drums took me back to moments during Mansur Brown’s previous album ‘Shiroi’. Similar to how Mansur Brown would let his bold imposing guitar provide the unwavering presence for his standout track, ‘Mashita’, Misch turned the focus to allow space and time to show off his guitar string play. The Following track, ‘I Did it For You’ sees Misch and Dayes coming together for a funk fuelled groove which slowly encapsulates Tom Misch’s ethereal, echoing vocals resonating around Yussef Dayes’ drums as the track develops. 

Coming towards the end of the album, the stunning stand out track, ‘Last 100’ elevates the wistful, dreamy mood created from the previous track, ‘I Did It For You’. The piano chords brighten the spirit, all the while, Misch’s raspy soft vocal line glides with the quick guitar finger play throughout. 

Misch’s seems to create a nostalgic mood towards the end of the album for the last two tracks; ‘John Mangos’ and ‘Storm Before The Calm’. With the latter, featuring a memorable conversation around from his manager about the album as well as, whilst ‘Storm Before The Calm’ invites Kaidi Akinnibi on the saxophone which provides settling tone and switch from illustrious build from the drums and guitar. 

Tom Misch’s fearless change in direction from ‘Geography’ is a bold move which will entice new listeners to work and strengthen his already loyal fanbase. Known to have spent some time producing beats on Ableton by himself, linking up with Yussef Dayes on the drums seemed to allow him to put those ideas into a live album which he was not able to do in previous albums, and i think it’s definitely paid off. The album is terrific from start to finish

You can listen to the spotify stream here:

What the video for Kyiv here:

New Music: Hip Hop Beatmaker Koralle Returns With Stunning New Single, Snakes


Bologna based producer Koralle returns with new single “Snakes”. Introducing himself to the world in 2019 with his debut project titled ‘Koralle‘. The musician, beatmaker and DJ dives deep into the sea of hip-hop, jazz and funk, equipped with an array of synths, Rhodes and a serious record collection. With two EP‘s (Collecting Vol. 1 & 2) Koralle created his very own blend of jazz-induced downtempo grooves that has accumulated over 6 million streams so far.

Over the last couple of months the Italian beatmaker has been busier than ever, working on new material, exploring different soundscapes and taking his music onto a whole new level. “Snakes” proves exactly this. A mystic string theme paves its way through Amazonian field recordings while a thick bassline and dope snare are doing their thing.

Have a listen to track below, and let us know what you think: