First Thoughts: Intalekt – The Adventures of Masta Splinta

Last year saw Intalekt show off his versatility, putting pen to paper for a number of tracks on his debut release titled – ‘The Intervention’ alongside Geefree as The Billy Dukes (click here to read our review). Intalekt puts down the pen, to show off his production and arrangement ability with 10 tracks of seamless bliss. Intalekt is certainly not new to game with a regular show on Youth Led Radio station Reprezent Radio, and having worked with some amazing UK artists in Jacob Banks, Kojey Radical, Slicc Vicc, and Jay Prince to name a few, for his debut EP titled – It Is What It Is.

Earlier in February Intalekt dropped his first solo Album of the year titled – The Adventures of Masta Splinta. With his last album featuring a number of artists to provide the lyrics and vocals, this album puts Intalekt’s beats at the forefront for the first time. There’s a wonderful calmness throughout the album, and Intalekt seems to make heavy use of wind instruments and chiming bells which creates a beautiful meditative soundscape.


The first track ‘Are We Safe?’ lays the foundations for the atmosphere of the whole album, as each track seamlessly blends into one another. Intalekt covers a range of subtle influences, ‘Hope’ has a similar stripped down, downtempo feel to late 80s American Hip Hop. Whilst the timely up-tempo claps in ‘Wolves’ is nicely layered with the guitar rift and percussion elements bouncing off it. The following track ‘We Move’ develops more of a head-nodding groove with the off-beat kicks against the claps, which builds nicely for the heavy bass kicks to inflate the track with energy midway.

If you are a fan of Hip Hop this album will definitely give you something to think about. On first listen you wouldn’t notice the subtle significant changes between tracks but its definitely album worth listening to more than once!

First Thoughts: Billy Dukes – Intervention

billy-dukesjpg-950x451.jpgThis photo is courtesy of The Billy Dukes

Having been successful on their own merits, ‘Billy Dukes’ represent the coming together of two very talented artists who have created a cohesively brilliant album, which blends a polished production with a mixture of conscious and candid lyrics. ‘Intalekt’ in 2015 released the self-produced 11-track debut EP release which included lyrics from a few breakthrough UK artists at the time, such as Kojey Radical, Jay Prince, Ella Frank. Whereas, GeeFree has featured on a track with Dani Sofiya from R Kay album released last year. His clear, eloquent flow and tone is an important feature of GreeFree style, which makes very difficult not to listen and take in.

‘The Intervention’ culminates both artists’ similarity in style for jazz and hip-hop influenced sounds. ‘Pledge allegiance’ begins the journey with an incredibly powerful statement of Billy Dukes’ strive to stay true to themselves and create music which is true to their story. It’s a track which not only expresses Billy Dukes’ drive within themselves but also, it seems to encourage other to be more expressive of their own truth, which sends a strong opening message and sets a humbling tone for the rest of the album. Those lethargic downtempo beats are carried throughout the album, with vocals and lyrics taking center stage. Geefree and Intalekt effortlessly seem to lay down their thoughts and views on various topics from empowerment, race, social, to relationships with ease and confidence, which coincidences with the whole arrangement in each track.
You can experience Billy Dukes live launch July 5th via facebook

You can listen to the album below, and support the artists via soundcloud: