Grime Movie ‘Against All Odds’ Release Soundtrack Following Last Week’s Premiere On Channel U

‘Against All Odds’ is a new grime movie, directed by Femi Oyeniran and Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker, that premiered on Channel U this Friday 13 November in collaboration with Link Up TV.

The EP soundtrack was also released this week by Motown Records UK, which launched in September.

‘Against All Odds’ pays tribute to the musical heritage of grime, shining a light on a generation-defining genre. It nods to many of the platforms and moments that were instrumental in creating grime as a movement, such as clash series Lord of The Mics and pirate radio stations like Déjà Vu and Heat FM.

The film also features appearances from many of grime’s pioneers, such as D Double EGhetts, Jammer, Diesel, Maxwell D, Ozzie B and Bruza.

The soundtrack also features original tracks from D Double E featuring TRIGGZ, and a 2020 remix of Maxwell D’s ‘Serious’ featuring Capo Lee, Novelist, So Large, Bruza and Tempa T.

Directors Femi Oyeniran and Nicky ‘Slimting’ Walker commented, ‘‘Against All Odds’ is our visual homage to one of the most potent expressions of Black British music, grime. The music and the film are a celebration of Black British heritage.

Order a copy of the EP soundtrack here, watch the trailer below, and let us know what you think: