French Producer Folamour Proclaims To ‘Just Want Happiness’ On Latest Single

The French producer Folamour this week released his latest track ‘Just Want Happiness’ ahead of his upcoming debut album.

‘Just Want Happiness’ is a departure from the floaty yet propulsive house sound that has made Folamour’s name thus far. Rather, it’s a downtempo number that loops around a beat that recalls the best of 90s and noughties indie rock, while horns, guitars and drones float in and out. It’s blissful and uplifting, rooted in a grounded optimism.

Folamour has found fame in recent years after the Boiler Room stream of his Fly Open Air set in 2019 went viral, having now been viewed over 3m times on Youtube. He has released on a range of labels, including All City and Glitterbox, as well as setting up his own FHUO Records imprint.

Listen to ‘Just Want Happiness’ below.

New Music: Nigerian-British Experimental Producer/Singer – Tony Njoku Returns with His New Single, Rapture

tony njoku 642 copy

Tony Njoku announces his brand-new single ‘RAPTURE’ taken from his upcoming album ‘Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama’ due for release on October 4th. Flitting between jittery, experimental synths and borderline hymnal refrain; the track is a voyage through Tony’s mind, contemplating another version of reality and providing a refreshing perspective on what it means to be alive.

Speaking on the his latest single, Tony mentions – “Rapture is a song about the brain scrabbling, yet elating nature of psychedelic experiences. Sometimes we need to have an experience that totally shakes up our perception of reality. An experience that opens up our hearts and minds to truth, love and freedom.”

Check out his latest single ‘RAPTURE’ below:


NEW MUSIC: Nigerian – British Singer Tony Njoku Shares His Pulsating New Single – Hapless

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Tony Njoku shares a brand-new single ‘HAPLESS’ on Silent Kid Records. The single opens a new chapter for Tony following on from the critically acclaimed sophomore release ‘H.P.A.C’ in 2018. Tony Njoku has been championed by Giles Peterson, Tom Ravenscroft, Huw Stephens and has performed with Anna Von Hausswolf, Rival Consoles, Goat Girl, Gaika, Jacques, Ider and Kokoko!

‘HAPLESS’ is an energetic and free flowing track pulling together Tony’s iridescent energy with touches of Young Fathers’ tribal pop and galloping electronica. Commenting on the track he mentions, “Through a dark episode of rumination comes the humour. When you’ve faced the cold hard truth and gone through the self-humiliating process of coming to terms with the source of your pain. You find out you put yourself in that ‘sticky situation’ and that you kept yourself in it all along. So rather than beat yourself up about it, you laugh. Laugh at your insecurities and your naivety.”

Have a listen for yourself below:


First Thoughts: Tenderlonious – Hard Rains


Ed Cawthorne, better known as Tenderlonious – the prolific flutist, producer, 22a records boss, and leader of The 22archestra and Ruby Rushton jazz ensembles. ‘Hard Rain’ follows from the recently released and highly praised Ruby Rushton album ‘Ironside’. Tenderlonious first grabbed my attention with last year’s stunning album – ‘Shakedown’ ,which took him to prestigious gigs at Ronnie Scott’s and the Barbican with Mulatu Astatke, to name a few.

Tenderlonious seemingly doesn’t hold back on experimenting with the instruments at his disposal through his latest album. The glowing snares against the smooth pace set with the slightly filtered kicks in the opening to ‘Casey Jr’ gently ease you into the electro psychedelic journey in store throughout the rest of the album. The enduring momentous build of ‘Hard Rain’ follows on, from the interlude sounding track – ‘Buffalo Gurl’.

The psychedelic alien-like experimentation throughout  – ‘Another State of Consciousness’ , stick the track out poignantly amongst others in the album. Whilst your eased in the opening minutes, the track later develops with the slightly delayed kicks mounting on to the erratic sharp sounding melody line.

The break-fuelled-flute-ride of ‘Aesop Thought’ and LA-style abstract science of ‘Workin Me Out 2’ shine a new light on trip hop, before the album closes with the smoldering, emotive brooder ‘Almost Time’.

You can purchase the full album via bandcamp below:

New Music: Theon Cross Drops Thrilling Preview Track To His Beckoning Album Release


Theon Cross has grown tremendously since I discovered his first project; Aspirations. 2018 saw him pave ways and reach critical acclaim as a member of the brilliant group; Sons of Kemet, who released one of the best projects in jazz last year.

Now, with the release date of his new album (Fyah) set for February 15th ,Theon dropped the preview track; ‘Activate’. Moses and Nubya join Theon in a thrilling experimental piece, with the three seemingly flowing and bouncing off each other. Theon’s storming Tuba and Nubya pumping saxophone going back forth momentously, whilst Moses’ rolling drums sets pace is extremely wonderful to listen to.

Have a listen below and pre-order the album:

First Thoughts: Steve Spacek – Natural Sci-Fi


Lucid, eerie, reflective are just few words which spring to mind when I try to describe this album. There’s a wonderful melancholic feel throughout, which is set from the first track to the last track. Steve Spacek isn’t someone who needs much introduction, as if you’ve read our review of his upbeat experimental 4 track EP titled; ‘EP3: Mvr Clsr, which we were treated to earlier this year then you’ll know a bit about him already! However, this album seems like a long time coming with his last solo album dating as far back as 2005 (which kind of feels weird to say now), but this year has felt like a bit of a rebirth for Steve Spacek. As, in spite a few short killer releases such as ‘Follow Me‘ and ‘Boungie‘ to name a few, the two projects his produced this year have laid a marker of his recent direction and sound.

Something which has remained synonymous from his first solo album to this current album, is his ability to create gentle delicate tones in voice with some range. Those vocals are introduced later on into the opening track which builds a beautiful soothing arrangement around his vocals. Deep Inside channels a similar pattern and mood from the last and maintains the same reflective, dreamy feel. As the album reaches the mid-section, stand out track; Ova (ft Oddisee), shifts the rhythm and tempo into another gear, which succinctly carried over to Carnival Nights. I think the transitions between tracks are what really stand out throughout the album, each track seamlessly blend into each other, a perfect winter album to relax and immerse yourself into a cosmic journey.

Listen and support via bandcamp:

First Thoughts: Ratgrave – Ratgrave

‘Ratgrave’ are the duo Max Graef and Julius Conrad. Max, an already familiar music producer, who’s beat making ability and tune selection has already earned him a strong reputation in the electronic music world. Although, he’s latest project with Julius Conrad seems a lot more experimental than previous solo albums, they describe this latest project as electronic p-fusion from Earth

There’s a brilliant rawness which easily combines a futuristic, almost alien like sounds with beautiful rhythmic beats. There isn’t one or a few genres you can pinpoint most tracks in the album to, as jazz, hip hop and psychedelic funk and house from 80s seem to heavily influence this album, under a generally lo-fi production. Moreover, tracks like ‘Iracus’ and ‘Karenn du Renold’ sound like two tracks in one, with the changes tempo mid-way through being so dramatic.

Stand – out track, Blizzard People builds slowly with the heavy echoing kicks forming the basis for various tranquil percussion elements to bounce off. Drawing inspiration from psychedelic house, funk with a Lo-Fi production, as the track develops the tempo of the chords and volume of percussion elements fading in – and – out creating a steady immersive journey.

Listen to full album and bandcamp below: