Q&A: Have You Met.. Deyah

DEYAH - 44

Photo credit: Will Beech

Berkshire based lyricist, Deyah is slowly starting to make a name for herself. A dynamic lyricist opposing a blend of rousing narration behind lethargic, lo-fi beats, she excavates her deepest insecurities, probing and scrutinising the essence of her innermost vulnerabilities. Her honest lyrics and intriguing video style for her single ‘Venthouse Suite’ caught our attention and, so we asked her to join our Q&A series:

Where are you from? Describe the kind of creative culture within the city you were raised in?

I was born in wales in the capital city of Cardiff.. the creative culture there was unique and still is but it didn’t really accommodate the RnB & Hip Hop movement, so i struggled at times to find my feet within the culture.

What made you get into music, who were the people who influenced you?

My pops played music constantly and consistently in the yard when i was growing up. It was like a 24hr / 7 day a week event. I loved the sounds, rhythms, word play, lyricism and the way the melodies made me feel.

Are there any producers/artists you work with really well with, what makes your relationship work?

Kenneth English is one of my favourite producers. We haven’t actually met but every beat he makes is actually mad and i connect with each one.

What were early experiences in music, did you start with playing instruments or express yourself through spoken word and singing?

I played the guitar, the Cajon drum and the piano from early whilst writing and performing spoken word. I didn’t start singing until a couple years ago.


Photo credit: Will Beech

Are you signed to a label, if so what’s your relationship, if not, has that been out of choice?

I’m not signed to a label and that’s for sure out of choice. I don’t see myself wanting to be signed either. I appreciate the freedom.

Have have you changed your approach from your previous album, ‘Lover Loner EP’, to your recent album, ‘Care City’ EP ?

Lover/Loner was an experimental project for me.. it was a kind of trial and error situation. Care City seemed to come together with ease and my approach was totally different.. I created the project without fear and created what i wanted not what was expected of me.

Your single titled ‘Venthouse Suite’ has a really cool video. Why did you choose that particular style?

Thank you. I wanted something simplistic but still wanted the visuals to stand out. I wanted to explore different videography methods and hope to continue on that path.

Finally, can you share any more details on the album in terms of possible features?

This project is just me ft me. I decided not to have any features on this as the subject matter was very personal and i didn’t feel it needed another perspective. However, my next project will be a collaboration EP.

Be sure to have a look for Deyah’s EP titled, Care City on all digital platforms, Check the videos to Deyah’s single, Okoposire:

You can listen to the full EP here: