First Thoughts: Javonntte – Drumma


The London based imprint return with their fifth release from Detroit born and bred native – Javonntte. During his career, which spans over 20 years, he’s been fortunate enough to work with some legendary producers like Blake Baxter, Amp Fiddler, and Andres. In more recent years he’s of focused more on his solo career and released a string of releases through labels such as, Traxx Underground, Quintessential and Kai Alce’s NDATL.

The inaugural track aptly named ‘Drumma’, gets straight into the Detroit house groove, with an encapsulating freestyle on the drums which makes full use of the drum kit setting the tempo early. The accompanying elements from the bassline, to the ethereal backing piano, and vocal line subtly build throughout the track giving it that amazing Detroit deep house style.

Jazzpianodance’ takes a slightly different turn with a broken style drum pattern seeping after a brief vocal line opening. Javonntte seemingly fuses he love for deep house and funk into a bouncier bassline and drum pattern which invigorates the track with more energy.

The B-side of the EP includes two of London’s most exciting electronic music producers, showing us their remix of Javonntte’s Jazzpianodance. Melbourne raised and now London based, Winters shows off a stripped back, silky rendition to the original. Whilst Touching Bass family, Romal Kultan delivers an impactful, high energy remix, with gradual broken percussion and breaks towards the end of the track as it develops.

First Thoughts: Waajeed – From The Dirt

Little late to find this one, but most definitely glad I found it! Detroit born and bred legendary producer; Waajeed blessed us with a deeply soulful house 10-track album titled; ‘From the Dirt’. With over 20 years in the game, Waajeed started producing hip hop style beats, using a sampler machine which belonged to well-respected producer; J Dilla. What’s also worth noting is his shift to house and dance floor focused music in recent years, which is testament to his dynamic producing ability. Released through his own label; Dirt Tech Reck, this album follows on from a string of short EP releases starting from 2017.

There’s an amazing energy throughout the album, accompanied with some beautiful vocal features, consistent brilliant arrangement and a range of colourful percussion washing every track. Stand out track ‘From the Dirt’ opens the journey momentously, as Waajeed creates a captivating soundscape with slow building kicks and an attacking piano rift. The Impactful preachers’ sample in the track ‘I Just Wanna Tell’ decorates a wonderful spiritual house feel throughout, similar to tracks like never grow Old’ from Robert Hood. He’s clever chopping of the preachers’ sample against the growing presence of drums and claps quickly shifts your mood from contemplation to absolute joy, as the drum and kicks begin to take center stage in the track. Waajeed’s mellow, hypnotic sounds in tracks like ‘Strength’ and ‘I ain’t Safe’, blends well with soul singer; Ideeyah accompaniment throughout those tracks.

Have a listen and support via bandcamp below:

New Music: Kyle Hall releases his first single of 2018, on his Wild Oats label


Detroit born, devoted electronic producer; Kyle Hall has released the new single, ‘Equanimity. This release marks the 10 year anniversary of Wild Oats and its only fitting that we celebrate with a release from the label boss himself on tonight’s full moon.

Along with the engineering treatment from “Chicago’s very own” (C.V.O.) deep house legend, Glenn Underground, “Equanimity” takes on a new sound and assembly that inspires some philosophical thoughts below. Katastematic Pleasure is the epicurean philosophical concept that the magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit at the removal of all pain.

You can listen below:

You can purchase the album through Wild Oats

First Thoughts: Alton Miller – All Things Good


With the release date going back to the 1st of June, established producer and DJ; Alton Miller’s EP titled ‘All Good Things’ was clearly slept on. Released through electronic music record label Waella’s Choice, who have just surpassed a year since their debut release from artist’ Warren Harris aka Hanna’. Waella’s focus on soulful dancefloor rhythms, have them slowly becoming a firm favourite for us, having already caught our eye with the sonically gifting work from Portable earlier in the year (read here). Which combined the poetic lullaby vocals from the South African group ‘Korus’ with pulsing persistent deep house beats.

And so, with continuing their focus on soulful sounds, Detroit raised Alton Miller’s 5-track EP perfectly follows suit. Growing up in Detroit, he naturally developed his deejaying and passion for house music, eventually taking that further, with the eventual opening of Detroit’s legendary dance club; ‘The Music Institute’ in 1988.
Miller has cleverly created a mood which combines ethereal reflective elements to more upbeat funk-inspired house elements. ‘In the D’ has enough engrossing percussion tones to keep you entertained, as to the backdrop of gentle kicks and claps, the bouncing synths, and persistent bells create a great mood to move any dancefloor.

Whilst, the resonating tranquil synthesised strings and echoing xylophone sounds in the stand out track ‘The Storm’, builds the perfect immersive energy which, along to the sampled empowering spoken word piece makes for an uplifting feel-good track, which would close a set nicely in any nightclub.

You can have listen to the EP via bandcamp: