Playlist Update: Electronic Dance Music #3

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We’ve updated our new Electronic Dance music playlist, which is a blend of our favourite and recent music from deep house, techno, future beats, garage, as well as, more. We have new music coming from deep house, and techno producer COMPUTER DATA, DJ Kush Boogie, Little Dragon, Dark Comedy, and Larry Heard to name a few

Check out the playlist below, and let us know what you think:


First Thoughts: Moodyman – Sinner


It’s always a joy to hear new music from Moodyman, a genuine Detroit legend who has always given his time to developing his craft with only classic albums. Having been nearly 5 years since his last studio album self-titled, Moodyman, there was much anticipation but also, some confusion around his latest project. With a number of online sites hinting it was ‘coming soon ’ long before the release date, and then later being taken off the website.

Tilted ‘Sinner’, Moodyman in 7 tracks encapsulates an incredibly authentic blend of Detroit deep house, soul, and funk, making use of cleverly arranged samples to reveal more about him within each track. I’ll Provide’ opens with a confusingly menacing patient build around Moodyman’s distorted voice, which eventually evolves with the beats developing in tempo around his voice.

Following, ‘I’ll Think of Saturday’ is the only single Moodyman released prior to this album towards the end of last year titled – ‘Got Me Coming back’. Starting off steady, the eerie unexpected break down within minutes into the track brilliantly ignites your attention and allows for the accompanying elements to stand out more.

If I Gave You My love’ and stand out track ‘Downtown’ turn to more soulful old school jazz and funk feel. ‘If I Gave You My Love’ has a hazy wistful slow build, which alongside the gentle ringing piano and indistinct looped vocals, create a lullaby feel to the track. ‘Downtown’ almost feels like two tracks in one, with the first half feeling like the start of an exciting jazz tune, but the addition of the funky bassline in sync with the piano chords lifting the track to another level.

Have a listen to the album for yourself via bandcamp, let us know your thoughts:

DJ Mix: Meroman #2

Inspired DJ Mix – This series will be inviting selectors to showcase some of their favourite records to blend into a solid cohesive mix

South London based DJ Meroman steps up behind decks, showing off his latest collection of Garage and deep house records.

Follow him on all socials linked below:
instagram: @themeroman

First Thoughts: The Maghreban – ’01DEAS’

Rostom (The Maghreban) has had his fair share of releases, with music from opposing ends of the spectrum. In the mid-1990s, Rostom would have been known for his heavy relentless 12-inch jungle records, but for most part of the last decade he’s gone on to produce hip hop sampled beats under the alias Dr Zygote. It’s only until recently , that he has returned to his house roots, as he explains with an interview with FACT TV; “I’m harking back to when I was 14 and when I first fell in love with dance music”.

imagesThis photo is coutesy of Rostom

This most recent release ‘01DEAS’ represents the third project under his electro house inspired alias; The Maghreban, as this album represents the first more comprehensive experience we’ve seen from him, and it kind of feels a long time coming… As, Rostom seemed to tease this epic release with prior short EP releases through Black Acre in 2016 hinting so (listen to ‘Lost It’ below).

01DEAS‘ voyages through an array of cleverly sampled beats, with nearly every track oozing with energy to move dancefloors. From the ever-playful momentous build of ‘Crime Jazz’, with it’s quick hi-hats, catchy keyboard rift and thumping kick providing the early backdrop for an electro synth bubble, to the more deep, tropical house feel of the track ‘Broken’.

As well as those dancefloor workers, there are some nice slow melodic experimental tracks like ‘Mbira’ and ‘String’, which easily complement each other well throughout the album.

Have a listen below, and support the artist via Bandcamp: