Q&A: Have You Met… Matt Muse


Chicago born and bred native, Matt Muse released his new EP titled, Love and Nappyness. The EP explores a range of themes from more personal topics from his upbringing as well as, promoting self love and care. Matt took some time to answer our Q&A series to learn a bit more about him.

What were your biggest motivations for going into music?

My biggest motivation to start music was watching both my parents love for music manifest in various ways throughout my upbringing, and watching artists like Common and Kanye West who look like me and are from the same place as me find successful careers in hip-hop.

Did you explore other mediums, like art, if so, do you still continue them?

When I was much younger I had a huge sketchbook that my dad bought me and I’d draw in it all the time. I also played the trumpet and piano growing up. I no longer draw, but I’m getting back into playing the piano and I want to learn how to play the guitar asap

Tell me about how you got involved in Young Chicago Authors artist organisation and what it is?

Young Chicago Authors is a literary organization in Chicago that uses hip-hop/poetry pedagogy to encourage students to become masters or their own narratives through the lens of creative writing. The organization hosts Chicago’s longest running youth open mic called ‘Wordplay’ every Tuesday and I got involved with the organisation by attending that open mic. I would travel back and forth from my college Wordplay whenever I could so folks could hear the music I was working on. After I graduated, the organisation was hiring and I put in an app and got hired, it’s the best job I’ve ever worked.

Check out the video to his single ‘MYSELF’, taken from his new EP Love & Nappyness:

What advice would you give to your younger self when you first started making music?

I’d tell my younger self to take advantage of time, don’t waste any of it. I’d tell him to be more open-minded. I’d tell him that its all gonna pay off the moment you start to fully believe in yourself and bet on yourself.

What’s challenges have you faced as an artist, and how have you overcome them? 
Self-doubt is really the only challenge I’ve faced. I work on it every day by affirming myself and reminding myself that I’m not in competition with anyone but the man in the mirror.

Is there anyone you have been listening to in the UK, if so, who?

Technically Jorja Smith and Adele, but I need to step up my UK game, I’m open tp any and all music suggestions.

What else do you have planned for the rest of year, any live shows, festivals?

Dropping some more music videos. Had a release show for Love & Nappyness and that was incredible. Looking to do some more performances as the year goes on, but the main focus is getting more visual content out for my fans/listeners

You can have a listen to his latest EP, Love & Nappyness:

New Music: Chicago Poet, Matt Muse Releases New Single, ‘Aint No’ & Announces Album Release Date


Straight off his forthcoming album titled, Love & Nappyness, Chicago based rapper, Matt Muse released the video for his single ‘AINT NO’. Exploring how self love can manifest in different, Matt goes for the more bragging route in this track as he continual lauds his talents and accomplishments.

Based on the South Side of Chicago, Matt is a teaching artist at Young Chicago Authors, the famed writing and poetry organization which helped launch the likes of Noname, Saba, Jamila Woods, Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins, and many others. Love & Nappyness is the first project from Matt Muse since the release of his 2018 album Nappy Talk, which received praise from some established Aerican based music publications the likes of Stereogum, NPR’s Sound Opinions, Rolling Out, Passion of the Weiss, Elevator, Chicago Tribune, Lyrical Lemonade, and more.

Keep your eyes peeled for his album which releases on the 9th of August, and let us know what you think of his single ‘AINT NO’:

First Thoughts: Tensei – Constellate

New music is always a bit more exciting when you unexpectedly fall on to something which you weren’t really looking for, but, from rummaging around bandcamp I stumbled on an exciting duo culminating out of Chicago. The pair bring with them a wealth of experience and influences into their music, from hip hop, jazz, house, soul, Afrobeats and electronic. Forming the duo are Chris Kramer and Midas Wells, who have been making music together for over ten years, working with the likes of Black Thought, ADaD, Denmark Vessey, Tall Black Guy. Besides that, they’ve also enlisted a range of respected jazz and soul artists from their home turf, such as Makaya McCraven, Kafele, and Greg Spero. What’s more interesting, is producing music isn’t entirely their whole lives’ as Kramer works in the Robotics Field as well as finding time to travel the world, extracting those wanderings into his music. Whereas, Wells’ curiosity for people and how they interact drove him to studying a master’s degree in anthropology.

*This video is for promotional use only*

The duo recently released an impeccably contagious, feel-good 7-track album titled ‘Constellate’. The album drifts on topics which challenge the disparity and growing tension facing many Americans today, and matches that with positivity and perspective. Accompanied with a range of lyricist and vocalist to who help bring their arrangements and instruments to life, with their pensive, thought-provoking lyrics. Tensei create a wonderful soundscape in the opening track; Liquid Tongues, leaving an enchanting moody vibe for Bilal vocals to envelope. Stand out track ‘Amazing’ has some beautifully fresh sounding instruments which are enriched and harmonize Sam Trump’s vocal. Tensei show their range in the closing track; Telemetry, which stretches and layers wonderfully vibrant loops, to Kiara Lainer accompanied vocal hook line.

Have a listen for yourself and support the artist via: