Dego Considers ‘The Negative Positive’ On Upcoming New Album

The legendary Dego is back next week with a new album, ‘The Negative Positive’.

It will be released on April 30 on vinyl and digitally via his own 2000black imprint which specialises in music from the African diaspora that crosses genre bounds.

‘The Negative Positive’ fuses techno, funk, boogie and more over its nine tracks, showcasing exactly why Dego is renowned as an innovator and boundary pusher. The album showcases two vocal features, firstly with Nadine Charles on ‘This Is A Message To You’, then with new 2000black signing Samii on ‘Recovered Memories’.

Dego recently released a four-track collaborative EP with Matt Lord, ‘Lord & dego’, which was released earlier this month.

Listen to single ‘The Disclaimer’ below, and preorder the album here.

New Music: Broken Beat House Legend, Kaidi Tatham Releases Two New Singles

Kaidi Tatham’s consistent wizardry behind the keys rarely fails to disappoint, having already releases a short EP this year, Tatham returns with two new singles.

‘You Find That I Got You’ has a gorgeous slow burning groove led by the growing bassline. Tatham nicely accompanies the bassline with soft congo drums and piercing claps to usher in eventual developing melody lines, which he cleverly layers around the vocals line. I love how Tatham often makes use of more jazz instruments, like trumpets and trombones to lift the track as the melody builds around the vocals

‘Mjuvi’ feels more like a dance a track from the looping drum patterns with a more Latin samba music feel, from the persistent trudging from the various shakers. The short release from bass sounding element balance nicely with his brilliant display on the keys throughout the piece

Have listen to it below, let us know what you think:

New Music: Pioneering Broken Beat Legend, Dego Announces New Album for September


Dego’s contribution to the UK underground music scene has spanned over 20 years, with his earlier productions in to jungle and drum and bass, eventually leading him to experimenting with house and developing that broken beat sound. But Dego has never been bound of any genre, taking on a range of influences throughout his career, from Jazz, Hip Hop, to Techno and house but always with an element of soul.

Dego’s third studio album titled, Too Much will be released through is very own 2000 Black Label on the 6th September. With a number of British singers featuring on the album from Nadine Charles, Sarina Leah, and Sharlene Hector to name a few, we can probably expect a combination of funk, soul and broken beats.

Check out the first track from the album, A Strong Move for Truth. Let us know what you think, and pre-order the album:


1. A Strong Move for Truth (feat. Nadine Charles)
2. Good Morning (feat. Samii)
3. Remini Dream (feat. Ivana Santilli)
4. I Don’t Wanna Know (feat. Obenewa)
5. Unknown Faults
6. Life Can Be Unreal (feat. Sarina Leah)
7. Too Much (feat. Sharlene Hector)
8. You Are Virgo
9. Come of Age
10. Just Leave It (feat. Lady Alma)
11. Ogawa Okasan Said Just Play
12. A Where Pringle Deh
13. My Standards Are (Not) Too High

NEW MUSIC: Oscar Jerome Reveals Video To Broken Beat Feel-Good New Track – ‘Gravitate’


Oscar Jerome has quickly become an exciting artist to look out for this year, having just released his latest single ‘Gravitate‘ ahead of his UK/EU tour in the autumn.

Teaming up with the South London based producer – Ben Hauke to write the track, along with Ghana’s legendary highlife musician – Alfa Sackey  apply the percussion of the broken drum beats from Ayo Salawu.

Check out the video to Gravitate below:

Catch Oscar Jerome live on tour this Autumn, click here for tickets

First Thoughts: Kaidi Tatham – It’s A World Before You


Multi- Instrumentalist, and immensely experienced electronic producer Kaidi Tatham delivered a special full length 13 track long album, titled; ‘It’s a world before you’. There’s a feeling of beckoning with the arrival of this album, having already teased us with two EPs with First Word Records titled ‘The Hard Times’ and ‘Changing Times’. Kaidi Tatham will be best known for his work as part of the London based DJ collective ‘Bugz in the Attic’ from the early 2000s who were pivotal for broken beat evolution throughout London. More recently as well as solo projects he collaborated with Dego to bring a full-length album with Theo Parrish’s Sound signature; titled, ‘A So We Gwarn’.


With broken beats heavily embedded throughout the album, the infusion of many other influences are what distinguishes Kaidi Tatham’s diverse, quality taste. ‘Its About Who Know’ is layered with a offbeat hats and kicks showing hints of old school RnB rhythms, whilst the bubbling synthesised piano melody and percussion showcase Kaidi wicked skills in arrangement and on the keys. ‘Cupid’ features American lyricist; Uhmeer, who’s quick quirky word play excellently takes center stage to Kaidi’s classic hip-hop stylised production, with hints of his own touches with the vibrant keyboard chords.

On the other hand, stand out track ‘Out Here On My Own’ featuring Manchester’s rising duo ‘Children of Zeus’, downtempo resonating gentle instrumentals accompanied by Tyler’s vocals and Konny Kon lyrics lift the track, and provides a contemplative soulful element to a complete body of work. A truly inspiring body of work, which I feel represents a very pure uplifting scene in UK underground music which needs more appreciation.

You can support and buy copy of Kaidi Tatham’s work via bandcamp below:

You can also see his debut live performance with Dego at The jazz café and buy a ticket here

First Thoughts – K15 – Sunbeams

Eglo records kicked off their new year nicely with the ever growing K15 delivering a sonically pleasing, Latin house inspired EP.  Previous work with Henry Wu through Eglo records sights at a range of influences, entrusting jazz and hip -hop with their core influence, with the added ‘broken beat’ style production being a consistence presence in their solo work as well.

bt-k15-secondThis photo is courtesy of K15

The ‘Broken beats’ in the UK’s dance scene derived from house producers, Domu, Seiji and Neon Phusions wanting to add something extra house music. They helped pioneer the Co -Op movement in the early 1990s – early 2000s, along with artists such as; IG culture, Dego and Alex Phounikz as well as other. Coming from different scenes the movement came together at a time where they sought to change the underground scene to incorporate a different groove to their work. In some ways, K15 has somewhat backed the break beat resurgence in the last few years, as well as the recently formed selectors assemble.

K15 throughout the EP seems to showcase his deep love for the broken beat style beats, as he seems to blend that with some Afro and Latin inspired synthesized percussion. Sunbeams’ is an infectious rhythm, with the funky bassline setting pace early on, whilst the quick looped Congo drums and persistent bells provides the energy, reminiscent of current Latin House tracks. ‘Starbursts 3’ on the other hand, is a pulsating house, broken beat styled track with a concoction of exotic percussion, giving the track a great party feel. ‘Escenia’ closes the EP blissfully, with a downtempo but still challenging piece.

With only three tracks, your kind left wanting one more, and with each track fitting so nicely together it almost feels like one long track. Nevertheless, K15 is an talented producer who is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Have a listen to this month’s release from Culross Close (K15) release below:

IN Volume 1: Inspired Sound #2

Next up in the series, we bring a mellow down tempo blend of UK hip hop and broken beats, future funk  from artists like little Simz, Kojey radical, Alxndr London, Nightmares on wax, to more lively highlife and afro electronic dance from the likes of Ibibio sound machine and Owiny sigoma band. Enjoy 🙂


Private conversation VIII – EABS
Time Travel – Little Simz
Loves Intervention – Kojey Radical
Lucille – Anthony Hamilton Theo Parrish re-edit
Ajo (lego edit 45)
A funky Afro Rican Weekend – GB Soundtrack for sunrise
Gotta Smile – Nightmares on Wax
Kraak and Smaak ft Alxndr London
Family Tree – St Germain
Just Negotiate Kaidi Tatham remix – Henry Wu
Super Lion – Kaidi Tatham
Uwa Peakcock – Ibibio Sound Machine
Let’s Dance – Ibibio Sound Machine
Search It Out – Penya
Jonny Ra Ha – Owiny Sigoma Band
Mewo Akoma – Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Ban