DANS DANS Blend Jazz, Psychedelic Blues, Spacey Rock-‘N-Roll

Dans Dans are pleased to share the video for the moody noir rhythms of new single ‘Cinder Bay’. Bass player Fred ‘Lyenn’ Jacques created a homemade video of ink dancing on a pink surface. The ink symbolises expression; it’s used to write or draw, to transfer thoughts and emotions.

As the ink bubbles and fizzes on the music’s frequency, the droplets lead a life of their own or interact with one another, propelled by the music, creating a palpable harmony between the music and its definition. “Cinder Bay evokes water and fire; a pastel sky above a deep sea; a carefree summer’s night at the beach, tinged with sadness and dread,” says Jacques.

Listen to Cinder Bay below.

Multi-Instrumentalist, Dike Okoh Announces Forthcoming Single, ‘Bossa Nights’

Inspired by the times we’re currently living through, multi-instrumentalist DIKE OKOH offers some light at the end of the tunnel through forthcoming single, ‘Bossa Nights’ set for release on 14th August.

Written and produced by Okoh himself, ‘Bossa Nights’ explores times of uncertainty through a story of hope. The heartfelt jazz piece, infused with soulful R&B, boasts a tranquil arrangement of live acoustic guitar, live-bass, percussion, live drums, vocal synths, saxophone and trumpet, glazed over with Okoh’s soothing baritone vocal instrument. To give ‘Bossa Nights’ its own strong and unique identity, Okoh has worked some of the industry’s most seasoned musicians.

The ideal escapism song, ‘Bossa Nights’ was mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Miles has worked his magic on many of the world’s best-known artists, including The Beatles, Queen, Ed Sheeran, The Rolling Stones and Marvin Gaye.

Listen to his previous single, ‘Last Chance’ below, and let us know what you think:

New Music: Aisha Badru Calls For Reconnecting With The Earth in Her New Single


After reaching critical acclaim in the States for her debut album titled Pendulum, Aisha Badru delicate smooth vocals are exercised once again in her latest single, Soli’s Daughter. It’ll feature on her forthcoming EP titled Transcendence which will be released on the 7th February 2020.

Working again with the talented music producer Chris Hutchinson for this forthcoming project, she wanted to do something different to what she has done with her previous album. She has a wonderful wispy, hush tone in her vocals, which Chris allows to stand out above all else, along with pensive atmospheric sounds to draw your attention to her lyrics. Aisha’s message is felt clearly throughout as her lyrics encourage listeners to reconnect with the earth. Aisha mentioned her plans for this EP ” I knew I wanted it to be acoustic. I wanted it to be a bit more intimate, so my lyrics could really take center stage.”

Have a listen to her latest single below:

New Music: LA Based Singer, Son Little Announces Tour Dates + New Single


Aaron Earl Livingston, also know as, Son Little has announced his new album, Aloha, due for release on the 31st of January. He released his European tour dates starting in Brighton on the 27th of March, and ending in Barcelona on the 10th of April.

Last month’s releases of the bluesy, enriching journey of the Invisible EP offered a taster of what to expect from his following album in January’s, with standout track hey rose expected to feature.

Recorded at Paris’s iconic Studios Ferber with producer Renaud Letang (Feist, Manu Chao), aloha is Little’s first album to be recorded with an outside producer. The result is his boldest, most self-assured statement yet. It’s an ambitious work of vision and reflection, and an ecstatic testament to the freedom that comes from trusting the currents of life to carry you where you belong.

Have a listen to ‘suffer’, taken from his forthcoming:

Stream/Purchase “invisible” EP (digital only) here


European/UK tour dates:
Fri. March 27th – Brighton, UK @ Patterns
Sat. March 28th – London, UK @ Oslo
Mon. March 30th – Paris, FR @ La Maroquinerie
Tue. March 31st – Antwerp, BE @ Kavka VZW
Wed. April 1st – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Noord
Thu. April 2nd – Rotterdam, NL @ Bird
Sat. April 4th – Hamburg, DE @ Bahnhof Pauli
Sun. April 5th – Berlin, DE @ Privatclub
Mon. April 6th – Cologne, DE @ Blue Shell
Tue. April 7th – Zurich, CH @ Exil
Thu. April 9th – Zaragoza, ES @ Rock & Blues Café
Fri. April 10th – Barcelona, ES @ La Nau

First Thoughts: Son Little – Invisible


Son little is the stage name of Guitarist, and Music Producer, Aaron Livingstone. Coming off the back of grammy award from his work with Mavis Staples he has released a short EP titled, ‘Invisible’. It’ll include a couple tracks from his forthcoming album ‘Aloha’ which comes out on the 31st January. Aaron caught my attention from his stunning, captivating NPR tiny desk performance, where he played a number of of his stand out tracks from his self titled ‘Son Little’ album.

The 80s funk infused and gripping soulful opening track, ‘Hey Rose’ sets a wonderful tone for the EP. the springing electric guitar which ebbs and flows between his vocals during the verses has a swinging 70s disco feel which would have moved dance floors. 

Son little’s manages to invoke so much emotion through his vocals from his tones, and the way expands some of his notes, all the while maintaining a delicate warmness in his voice. Stand out track, ‘I’m a builder’ blends more contemporary styles of soul as his gentle string play from the guitar leads the track. Along with the accompaniment of the strings along with his voice gives the track a wonderful contemporary blues feel. 

Little Son experiments a little more with his vocal notes in the track ‘About her. again’ , as the swinging momentous build in the instruments grow with the gradual raspy tones in his voice. Little Son oozes more blues and soul than I felt in his previous tracks, and puts the track in front as my favourite.

Check out his NPR tiny desk concert:



NEW MUSIC: 12-Piece Jazz Band – Hackney Colliery Band Share Two New Tracks Ahead of Their New Album

HF002836_8 ret.tif

Hackney Colliery Band (HCB) are pleased to share two album tracks; ‘Crushing Lactic’ (comp. Tom Rogerson) and ‘Derashe’ (feat. Mulatu Astatke), taken from their forthcoming project – Collaborations: Volume 1

Having been a little while since the collective’s last album – ‘Sharpener’ in 2016, the band look to develop their sound further with their forthcoming project taking on more interesting collaborations from across the world. Working alongside the likes of Mulatu Astatke, James Taylor, Angélique Kidjo, Roundhouse Choir, Dennis Rollins, Pete Wareham, Bugge Wesseltoft, to name a few

‘Crushing Lactic’ combines HCB’s trademark hard-hitting horn-lead intensity with heavy, shifting grooves more commonly found in post-rock.

Whilst the band’s second collaboration employs the expertise of  legendary Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke, ‘Derashe’. Taking their track name from the Ethiopian tribe –  Derashi, Mulatu was keen to bring the layered, brass heavy influences from their music to this track, highlighting the connections between their ancient sound and that of HCB.

Check out their latest singles Crushing Lactic, and Derashe below:

Track listing:

  1. ‘Mm Mm’ (feat. Angelique Kidjo + Roundhouse Choir)
  2. ‘Snowfire’ (feat. Bugge Wesseltoft)
  3.  ‘Ricochet’ (feat. Dennis ‘Funkybone’ Rollins)
  4. ‘Why Yellow’ (feat. Rob Auton)
  5. ‘Hypothetical’ (feat. James Taylor)
  6. ‘Netsanet’ (feat. Mulatu Astatke)
  7. ‘Without You’ (feat. YVA)
  8. ‘Crushing Lactic’ (comp. Tom Rogerson)
  9. ‘What’s Gone Before’ (feat. Pete Wareham)
  10. ‘Climbing Up My Own Life Until I Die’ (feat. Rob Auton)
  11. ‘Derashe’ (feat. Mulatu Astatke)





NEW MUSIC: Joy Crookes Releases New Song – Since I Left You


With her headline show on 6th of June at the infamous jazz cafe sold out, Joy Crookes shares what some fans might miss with her latest release titled – ‘Since I Left You’.

Since captivating an inspired following for her music with last year’s release of her first EP titled ‘Influence’, Joy has gone from strength to strength with a number of appearances on national radio, as well as earlier this year releasing her second EP titled –  ‘Reminiscent’

Joy’s latest single, sees her delicately grace over the somber pensive tones resonating from the beautiful piano chords throughout the song. Turing introspect, Joy plainly lets her feelings known as she shifting the focus to herself, and reaching a place where she’s happy.

Check out her amazing performance in the video for Since I Left You:

*This video is for promotional use only*