Rochelle Jordan Turns Soulful For Her New Single

Los Angeles-based artist Rochelle Jordan announces her new album,Play With theChanges, out April 30th on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records, and today presents new single,“NEXT 2 YOU.” For Jordan, a desire for sonic expansion has long beenembedded into her fusion of futuristic and ancestrally soulful R&B.

To hear a Rochelle Jordan song is to absorb a blend of sampledelic 90s pop, vintage UK house and garage, 31st century electronic bangers, airy late night ballads, and progressive hip-hop. On Play With the Changes, Jordan showcases not just her own personal evolution, but a path topushing sound forward.

Produced by KLSH,Machinedrum, and Jimmy Edgar, the album presents her as a modern heir in a lineage of powerhouse vocalists with style and imagination: everyone from Whitney Houston to Celine Dion, Aaliyah to Amerie, Kelis to Mariah Carey.

Listen to Next 2 You below.

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Romy Dya Drops Debut LP ‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’

Combining R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop, Romy has already been working hard behind the scenes, with cuts on records from Ghostface Killah to Martin Garrix. ‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’ is the result of Romy’s self-love journey and continues to see her develop her skills as a producer.

Speaking on the album as a whole, Romy recalls “‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’  is about my personal journey to self love and all things that are involved on this road to loving yourself. It’s about processing trauma’s, love, loneliness, single life and finding peace and acceptance in being who you are. Self love is an ongoing process, some days you’re really feeling yourself and some days you can’t even look yourself in the eyes. I define self love as having compassion for yourself and doing what’s best for your happiness and well-being. But it also means that you have full acceptance of your flaws, shortcomings and weaknesses. We as human beings always learn and evolve. Self love is an inside job, no one else can do it for you. That’s why you gotta be your own biggest fan. Go FKN love yourself.”

Listen to ‘I FKN LOVE MYSELF’ below.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage in the music industry right now.

DJs like 3LAU and Steve Aoki have sold theirs for seven-figure sums. Kings Of Leon just racked up around $2 million selling them bundled with their new album. And, ever the auteur, Grimes recently sold a bunch of NFT-affiliated artwork for around $6 million in just 20 minutes.

The dirty little secret of these types of transactions? People are buying unique digital collectibles – but they typically aren’t buying underlying copyrights. And considering most digital art (including music) can be easily replicated with a swipe of an iPhone, questions are getting louder over the uniqueness of the assets those splashing large sums on NFTs are actually securing.

As Pitchfork described it earlier this month: “Born out of the visual art world, NFTs create a sense of scarcity that’s inherently artificial – the token is rare, not the artwork itself.”

That all may be about to change.

Bluebox is a suite of blockchain-based tools launched by distribution and services company Ditto Music.

Bluebox uses the blockchain to record full or fractional ownership of recorded music and/or publishing copyrights, and splits royalty payments accordingly. Ditto believes the platform will lead to “higher collection rates [while] massively reducing the loss of earnings currently experienced by artists”.

NFTs are the final piece of this puzzle. This Thursday (March 18), UK artist Big Zuu is selling 75% of the rights to a song on his forthcoming album, divided up into several different chunks and wrapped up into NFTs.

Another Ditto-affiliated act, Taylor Bennett – brother of Chancelor ‘Chance The Rapper’ Bennett – is selling 75% of the rights to one of his upcoming recordings, also through separate NFTs.

Both artists are holding on to 25% of their respective copyrights.

According to Ditto Music co-founder and CEO, Lee Parsons, where this gets interesting is after these NFT sales have been completed. Because it means multiple people will be able to automatically collect digital royalties from their share of this music, via Bluebox.

“This year Bluebox is launching both a copyright exchange and an IRO ‘initial release offering’ platform,” he explains. “Similar to sites like Polkastarter or Coinlist – where blockchain projects harness power of community to fund initial offerings – Bluebox IRO will let artists pre-sell music to a community who will then be able to own a piece of their art, as an NFT.”

For shrewd collectors, this creates the opportunity to buy “shares” in an artist’s work before it’s even been released – also creating an alternative source of funding for the artists themselves.



NFTs, says Parsons, are the missing component to make this process run smoothly.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first true music copyright NFT,” says Parsons of the upcoming sales from Big Zuu and Taylor Bennett. “As a true copyright NFT, both the creators of these copyrights and their NFT investors will be paid monthly royalties from streaming stores via a Bluebox wallet.

“Right now this is only possible on Bluebox’s architecture. The NFTs will also be eligible to trade on the upcoming Bluebox NFT exchange.”

Francis Mercier Brings Energy For His New Single, Premier Gaou

Haiti born, New York-based House DJ/producer Francis Mercier, Deep Root Records label boss grew up with African and French influences as well as a love for ‘Premier Gaou’ but felt the song could have a modern ‘Afro House’ makeover to fit better into his sets.

Taking inspiration from the the famous Ivorian music group, Magic System, the track is an odae to the orginal single which sold more than 300,000 copies across France upon its release.

Listen to Premier Gaou below.

Have You Met.. Francis Mercier

 Where did you grow up, how did you get into creating music?

I was raised in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti where Caribbean, French & African cultures are very present, and I was exposed to artists like Magic System, Salif Keita, Mory Kante, and others in my early teens. I remember loving the energy, rhythm, and overall positivity found in African records. I initially had no idea who the artists were but whenever their music aired on local radios, it captivated me.

Years later, as I moved to the US for my studies, I discovered the melodic sound of Tiesto in 2006 in his ‘In Search Of Sunrise’ compilations, and those drew me into electronic music and from 2007 onwards I picked up DJing. After 7 years of performing in the biggest clubs in the North East of the US, I wanted more out of my career as a DJ and I grew into becoming a music producer from 2014 onwards. 

What’s the creative culture like in the city you raised in?

In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti where I grow up, the creative culture is very vibrant and diverse. We Haitians have our Caribbean roots and the Kompa Music has very unique energy but we are also very much exposed to American & European cultures. When growing up I had friends from all over the world and everyone would share their music. That may have been the reason why I chose to become a DJ.

What made you decide to start a record label?

In the early 2010s, I felt a void for House Music in New York. Back then the EDM Big Room sound was at the forefront together with Hip Hop and Trap Music. It was nearly impossible to land shows in Manhattan for classic House Music. As such, I decided to launch my own imprint Deep Root Records to initially put on cool shows focused on the classic House Music that I’m fond of.

Within a few years, we drew quite some attention and began releasing music. 2019 was a big year for us launching our Deep Root Sessions brand and in 2020 we started our Afro House imprint Deep Root Tribe. We’ve then been empowering lots of African artists to gain visibility on an international level. I’m quite excited to contribute to the Afro House scene with my remake of ‘Premier Gaou’ in partnership with Spinnin’ Records and their House Music imprint Spinnin Deep.

Have you tried to bring part of your Haitian heritage into your music?

I have been working on it and will be releasing an EP with an amazing Haitian vocalist by the name of Lenny Auguste at the end of the year. She’s from Gonaives and has an incredible voice.

Are you working independently to release your music? If so, what are some of the challenges?

I do release some of my compositions independently under my label Deep Root Records and wearing multiple hats all at the same time can be a challenge, but I focus on the positive instead. Having my own platform to release and push out my records gives me the capacity to present my vision to the world in its purest form.

If you weren’t making music, what do you think you would be doing?

I’d probably be in the world of finance as that’s what I studied. Good thing is that my academic background has given me an edge to be organized both within my creative and administrative duties at my label.

Do you play any instruments, if not, which would you love to learn first?

I dabble on the piano but I actually do not play any real-world instruments. That said, I do know how to play/use analog and software instruments quite well. Most of my compositions are coined by their chord progressions, which I use my natural musical experience to create on the keyboard and to port into MIDI and I work from there. I would love to learn how to perfectly play the piano, and one day buy an upright or grand piano for my house to learn some of my favorite classical piano pieces by Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi, and others who I love listening to.

Do you have advice for anyone releasing music independently?

Sure! Stay true to your vision, and go step by step. The road is long but definitely worth it. Building a fan base independently and purely from your music will be the strongest base.

Which artist would you love to collaborate with most?

Would love to work with Gorgon City for example! They are one of my favorite duos.

Do you have any festival bookings this summer?

I may play at the Summer Music Festival in Mons Belgium. But as of now no major festival. Hopefully, that will change 🙂

How would you describe your production style in three words?

Melodic, Moody, and Groovy!

Be sure to pre save Francis Mercier’s forthcoming single, Premier Gaou here

Fabric Announces 42-Hour Reopening Weekend

fabric will reopen on June 25.

The famous London nightclub has announced a 42-hour reopening weekend, with its Friday session running from 10pm-10am and its Saturday session running from 10pm right through until 4am the following Monday.

No names have been announced for the line-up yet but format looks set to be similar to fabric’s legendary annual weekend-long birthday celebrations.

The club has also fabric and fabriclive dates on Fridays and Saturdays in July and is one of the first clubs in the capital to announce that it will be opening soon after the June 21 date given by the government’s roadmap out of lockdown.

fabric made the announcement via Twitter and tickets are available for the reopening weekend as well as the July dates now.

There was more optimism for the reopening of clubs this week as a new report predicted that all adults in the UK could be vaccinated by June.

Leading Festival Organisers Call For Attendees To Require Vaccination

Two UK festival directors have called on the government to tell fans and artists that getting vaccinated is a requirement to attend music festivals this summer.

Josh Robinson, events director of drum ‘n’ bass festival Hospitality Weekend in the Woods, said: “A lot of us want to urge government to follow the example set up already in other areas, like travel, where people will have to show proof of vaccination or of a recent test.”

In a recent Downing Street press conference, Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated rapid testing could be used to allow events to safely take place.

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Gareth Williams, director of folk festival Cropredy, said: “What we really need is for government to say everybody needs a vaccination to get in. We need that clarity, rather than each having to go to people and explain.”

A recent report indicated that all willing adults in the UK could be vaccinated by June.

Festivals across the country have been rapidly selling out since the government unveiled its plan for clubs to reopen and festivals to be able to take place from June 21. However there has been some concern about a lack of cancellation insurance offered by the government, with organisers wary of moving forward with plans without financial cover.

Hospitality Weekend in the Woods sold 16,000 tickets in five hours for its debut edition. Robinson said: “The demand is pretty unbelievable. It would normally have taken eight or nine months to sell that many. The roadmap has given fans the impetus to start buying, which is great, but we are operating like a bank or something, in a strange scenario where we are just holding people’s money in case we have to return it.”

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As well as the potential of lockdown restrictions being extended and cancellation being enforced, the health and safety procedures are causing a headache for organisers who want clear directions outlined by the government in order to confirm plans.

Last week, former Stone Roses frontman and COVID sceptic Ian Brown pulled out of a festival headline performance after claiming that the event requires vaccination as a condition of entry.

Robinson says: “What we should say to artists now is another morally tricky conundrum. But if we don’t go ahead soon, the whole support structure for this industry could crumble for good.”

Williams says: “Festival organisers are masters of contingency planning, but there are just so many factors to keep track of this year.”

[Via: Guardian]

Hanoi Club Savage Announces A Three-Day Festival That’s Partly Set In A Cave

Savage, a five year-old club in Vietnam’s capital city, is hosting a mini-festival in a northern town called Mai Chau. Scheduled for April 2nd to 5th, the event takes place near Mai Chau Lodge.

Savage residents Ouissam, Zwi and Di Linh are playing in addition to a host of Hanoi-based artists such as Njuns, TrinhNu and Teodora Van Context. In total, the line-up spans 21 acts.

There will be two stages, one outdoors in a field during the day and the second inside a natural cave (pictured) for night. Savage cofounder Ouissam recently played in this cave for a special stream with local platforms Phoq Creative Studio and Phoq TV. Later this year or 2022, Savage hopes to throw an edition of Equation Festival at this location.

The Hanoi venue has been closed since February due to pandemic restrictions but it plans to reopen next week. As of March 5th, Vietnam recorded six new COVID-19 infections, bringing the national caseload to 2,494, according to official data.

For more information, visit the festival’s event page.Event: Savage Presents (Re)Treat

We Out Here Festival Adds Over 100 Artists To Its Line-Up

Gilles Peterson’s festival will return to the Cambridgeshire countryside on August 19-22 and boasts a wealth of live music and DJ talent that spans jazz, house, disco, grime, dubstep, dub, rap, r’n’b, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle and techno.

The line-up is embarrassingly good with the likes of Alfa Mist, Children of Zeus, dBridge, KOKOROKO, Nubya Garcia, Overmono and Yussef Dayes just a few of the live acts playing.

DJs include SHERELLE, Mala, DJ Storm, Colleen Murphy, ANZ, Joy Orbison and Kahn & Neek, not to mention many others.

It’s hard to pick our favourites from the line-up so just check out who’s been announced below. The curation is no joke!

Final release tickets are out now – don’t sleep, many UK festivals are currently selling out in record time.

We Out Here falls about a month after festivals and clubs are currently allowed to re-open and two months after it’s currently predicted that all adults in the UK could receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Live performances from:

Alabaster dePlume / Alfa Mist / Ashley Henry / Black Country, New Road / Children of Zeus / Corto.Alto / Crazy P / Dan Kye / dBridge presents Black Electric LIVE / Demae / Diabolical Liberties / Ebi Soda / Ego / Ella May / Emma-Jean Thackray / Erika de Casier Ezra Collective / Goya Gumbani / Greentea Peng / IG Culture presents LCSM / Joe Armon-Jones / Jose James – performing The Dreamer / KOKOROKO / Leon Vynehall / Levitation Orchestra / Lex Amor / Lovescene / Lynda Dawn / Matthew Halsall Melt Yourself Down / Moses Boyd / Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble / Nubiyan Twist / Nubya Garcia / Overmono / Puma Blue / Sahra Gure / Sarathy Korwar / Secret Night Gang / Shackleton / Sons of Kemet / Steam Down / STR4TA / The Colours That Rise / The Heliocentrics / Tyson / Wu-lu / Yussef Dayes

DJ sets from:

25 years of BBE / Addison Groove / Afronaught / Al Wootton / Alexander Nut / Andreya Triana / ANZ / Appleblim / Aqwea / Benji B / Bradley Zero / Call Super / Channel One / Charlie Dark / Coco Maria / Colin Curtis / Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy / Dan Shake / Danuka / Dennis Bovell / DJ Flight / DJ Paulette / DJ Storm / Donna Leake / Dr Banana / Dubkasm / El-B / Eliza Rose / Fabio & Grooverider / Faith – Terry Farley, Stu Paterson & Dave Jarvis / Floating Points / Gilles Peterson / Global Roots / Idjut Boys / Iration Steppas / IZCO / Jamz Supernova / Joy Orbison / Kahn & Neek / Kev Beadle / Kira Robin / Kruder & Dorfmeister / LAANi LEFTO / Lemon Lounge DJs / Loefah / Luke Una / Mala / Matthew Herbert / MLE / Mr Redley / Mr Scruff / On the Corner Soundsystem / Patrick Forge / Poly-Ritmo / Rebecca Vasmant/ Shannen SP / Sherelle / Shy One / Sophie Callis / Swing Ting / Tarzsa / Tash LC / Tina Edwards / Touching Bass – Errol & Alex Rita / Zed Bias

Bambounou Reveals First Three Releases On New Label, Bambe

Bambounou is starting a new label, Bambe. The Parisian artist will launch the new outlet with four-track EP, Cascade, out March 29th on vinyl and April 2nd digitally.

One of the tracks, “Up A While,” features the vocals of Manuel Hildebrand.

The second release will be a collaboration between Bambounou and Bruce, followed by a solo EP from GiGi FM. The launch of Bambe follows a recent Bambounou EP on AD 93, 033. Listen to “” from Cascade.