‘Soul Food’ Spotify Playlist Update

We’ve updated our ‘Soul Food’ Spotify playlist with new music from a range of independent artists across the world. As ever we look to incoporate Hip Hop, Jazz, and Soul into this playlist, keeping our followers up to date with what we’re listening to. We have music from artists such as, Sabrina Starke, Samoht, Tom Bailey, Tora, Alan Taylor, Pher, Lindon Jay, Phony ppl, and music more.

Listen to the playlist below.

Electronic Music Spotify Playlist Update

Every fornight we update our spotofy playlists with 20 NEW TRACKS from indepdent artist we think you should be listening to. We have incldued names such as Felipe Gordon, Chaos in the CBD, Jon Sable, Ciel, UMFANG, Beatrice Dillion, as well as many more from electronic producers all around the world.

Listen to the playlist below.

Playlist Update: Electronic Dance Music #3

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We’ve updated our new Electronic Dance music playlist, which is a blend of our favourite and recent music from deep house, techno, future beats, garage, as well as, more. We have new music coming from deep house, and techno producer COMPUTER DATA, DJ Kush Boogie, Little Dragon, Dark Comedy, and Larry Heard to name a few

Check out the playlist below, and let us know what you think:


Electronic Music Spotify Playlist Update 1#

We’ve updated our electronic dance music playlist with new music from Sweely, Harrison BDP, Channel Tres, Steve Spacek, Ralf Gum, Jesse Bru, FYI Chris, Marquis Hawkes, as well as, plenty more! πŸ™‚

Let us know what you think!


Hip Hop Jazz, & RnB Spotify Playlist Update #1

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the month again, we have updated our spotify playlist with new music from Yazmin Lacey, Dami Sule, Vibbar, Auguste, NayTeBoPeep, August Waah, Cat Burns, and Etta Bond, as well as, plenty more.

Let us know what you think! πŸ™‚

Inspired Sound Spotify Playlist Update #3


We know it’s beenΒ  little while since our last spotify playlist update but we’ve come back lovely goodies to keep you going throughout the week. With new music from, Emmavie new album titled, ‘Honeymoon’ who featured in our round of new music a couple weeks back.

We also have new music coming from K15 latest EP release bringing in that soulful, UK broken beat goodness. As well as new music from Ego Ella May, EARTHGANG, Glenn Astro, L’orange, and Ric Flo who featured on our first episode of Inspired Sound Radio last Saturday!

Check it out below:

Inspired Sound Spotify Playlist Update #1

We’ve updated our Spotify playlist with a number of recent tracks which you may have seen on the website from, Joe Armon-Jones, Emmavie, and Matt Muse. You’ll also find a number of new releases from album which will feature in next week’s ‘First Thoughts’, from artisits like Juls, Burna Boy, and Waajeed to name a few.

Check out below, give us some recommendations to add for next week πŸ™‚