Latitudes Announces Three Days Of Panel Talks Examining The Latin American Electronic Music Industry

Latitudes this week announced three days of panel talks examining issues specific to the Latin American electronic music industry.

Taking place from October 12-14, the three panels will examine issues of decolonisation, the precariousness of the industry in Latin America and the future of the media.

The talks will be available to view on Youtube.

Latitudes is a platform that aims to unite artists from Latin America as a way to create and think as a regional block, recognising cultural differences while coming together as a community. Check out details of each talk below, and click here to view the talks on Youtube.

October 12

Panel 1: Decolonización

An X-ray of coloniality as a starting point to understand regional problems, thinking critically and starting from the importance of the politicization of our spaces.

Moderated by Luisa Uribe and with the participation of Valesuchi, KENYA, Yban L. Ratto of HiedraH, and Imaabs of Naafi

October 13

Panel 2: Precarización de la Industria

The precariousness of the industry from an underground perspective and recognition of the horizontal initiatives that already exist.

Moderation by María Melissa Ortega and the participation of Matías Aguayo, Avril Ceballos of Futura Artists, and Verraco

October 14

Panel 3: Medios de Comunicación

A space to think about how to transcend the barriers of the world publishing crisis and build other horizons of editorial models.

Directed by Nico Castro of IME Chile, with interventions by Nathalia Guerrero (Manifiesta), Shams Faure, Alonso Aguilar and Richard Villegas (Songmess)

Author: Kofi Yeboah

I'm a Music & Culture Journalist, and DJ from London. I worked in radio, events promotions, and content production. .

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